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By TWrex
Against Surrey needed 170ish, just short
Against Glos. needed 180ish, just short
Against Essex need 190ish, ??????
What seemed an almost certain home q/final not long ago has come down to this run chase
in the last match for will most likely be an away tie if it proves to be successful.
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By TWrex
I'm not sure what's more disappointing failing like we did at the last after such a great start, or getting the disappointment out of the way straight off like Glamorgan. I suppose we had more excitement and full houses to help out the finances, but a £100k home quarter final has been let slip besides the chance of reaching finals day.
The one thing that has brightened my spirits is the poster on a local news on-line site who blames Walker for everything and the team has been useless since that Donald left. It has been pointed out that Donald is still very much there, but a bit like W G the bails are calmly replaced and the innings continues. Almost admirable in its own way.
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