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By glammysupporter
I agree with the others about the lack of second eleven information on the website and we should not be reading our news on other clubs websites.

Also I am not sure if anyone else saw the minicard for the Northants game on the home page on Monday evening, but it looked awful and as if it had been put together by a work expereince employee who knows nothing about cricket.

It listed the 3 team scores (570, 750 and 70) with no number of wickets next to it. Anyone who knows anything about cricket knows that if no number of wickets is put against a total it means the team is all out. This was far from the case as we know.

Also it listed 2 Glamorgan players in our second innings. Hemphrey 17 and Labuschagne 27 were detailed. Again anyone who follows cricket knows that an * indciates that the batsman in not out and if there is no * it means that they were out. Both these batsmen were not out and there was no * next to their names. Totally incorrect and misleading information.

In addition the Northants second innings bowling figures were listed under their innings score of 750.

This is embarrasing and needs to be sorted out.
By glamman
Just clicked on the "Tables" part of the website and found the 2018 county championship table. Whoever edits the website needs to be marched out the front door never to return.
By glamman
Website actually starting to give us some information. Unfortunately the most recent update today is a list of injuries affecting Craig Meschede, Ruaidhri Smith, Prem Sisodiya,
Kieran Bull and Jack Murphy.
By glamman
Just tried to look at the website and find it has all changed. Looks pretty good but not sure whether it provides any more information. Will see how it goes. One thing missing is a list of the key members of staff and the members of the Board.
By glammysupporter
New website but the same lazy and unprofessional output.

The 13 man squad for tomorrow is listed as follows:-

Glamorgan Squad to face Gloucestershire: Cooke*+ Lloyd, Labuschagne, Carey, Hemphrey, Selman, Hogan, vd Gugten, de Lange, Bull, Lawlor, Root & Wagg.

There are a few ways a team can be listed which are normal and acceptable within the game.

It is fine to put the captain first but after that the names should either be in alphabetical order or in some sort of likely batting order.

Another possibility would be to list the likely 11 first and then the 2 names at the end of the players likely not to play. With Joe Root being the 12th name listed I find this unlikely.

It looks awful in my opinion and it has been done in a totally casual and random way.

It is probably being done by the same person who does the mini cards on the website with no wickets after the team score, the wrong use of the * symbol and the bowling figures in the wrong place.
By glamman
Nothing new on the website since Friday morning. No comment about Friday's game.
Would be nice to have some updates about the injuries to TvdG and Bull - there has not been any comment about the fact TvdG had an inury at all - just inferred from his absence.
We await any news of a further signing.

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