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By TWrex
All counties make optimistic noises at the start of every season, but Kent have left them all behind with their latest newsletter. How about this for optimism about the upcoming Royal London Cup against Hampshire, 'tickets are going fast, book now to avoid disappointment.'
For a midweek day night game in April being shown live on Sky, the long term forecast for the 17th is a temperature between 6 & 9 C. Unfortunately (phew) I am unable to attend as I am busy earning brownie points for the rest of the season by accompanying the good lady to see Alfie Boe at the Royal Albert Hall, where I am sure it will be slightly warmer.
Anyway good luck to the team for 2019 when (if)they finally get going at Taunton. Hopefully the weather will be more clement tomorrow fortnight when Kent take on Sussex at Beckenham for me to start my season off.
Good luck to everyone and their teams for 2019, lets hope we will all see some good entertaining cricket in the months to come.
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By TWrex
Optimism triumphs to some extent, as the bitterly cold weather ended a couple of days earlier tan predicted. Should be a pleasant afternoon even if it does turn rather chilly in the evening.
Well done & good luck good luck to those planning to attend, & to Kent who can hopefully reach the last county cup final at Lord's for the foreseeable future. I'll be watching the start on tv & catch up with the rest tomorrow as I am playing dodge the demonstrators on my way to the Albert Hall tonight.
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