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By duckworthlewis
Now't like hitting a straight 6 towards the end and promptly moving your undercarriage back into position before it hits the seats, haha
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By glamman
Should also say that Walker and Carey kept their nerve well at the end against some fairly tight bowling. Could easily have given it away.
By glamman
No news about tomorrow's squad. Most interesting feature of the last game is the transformation of Cooke from an opening batsman to a bowling all-rounder. :yes:
By glamman
Walker and Pearce out and Weighell in. Not sure if Walker just being rested but would rather have him in the team than Weighell.
By glamman
Andy Gorvin being given a chance. Will be interesting to see how tight he can keep it given his lack of pace. Still no Salter. His being passed over, even in the absence of Sisodiya, muist be significant given his contract is up this year.
By glamman
Hopefully Rutherford can get going. At the moment looks to be struggling, with not a lot of foot movement.
By glamman
Had just popped out but back to see both openers still there setting an excellent platform. Hopefully they will go on for a while longer. I know Selman missed out in the T20 because of COVID but surely he will be back opening with Lloyd or Rutherford when the 4 day games restart.
By caergybi
Looking to be a big win. Glamorgan benefitting from few players in the 100 and even those going to the 100 have ended up strengthening the team, e.g. Ingram.
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By Vetchetarian
exileKT8 wrote: Sun Jul 25, 2021 5:40 pm Not there yet, Carey making it still interesting.
Take a deep breath, exile, Glamorgan are table toppers. 😀
By Neverout
First-class win built on grinding out a good platform before accelerating at the right time. Very few counties now have a good five man attack. Cooke proving previous poster's prediction correct as a very useful bowling all rounder. Hope it gives him confidence at the top of the order in six weeks or so.

I thought we had more imaginative captaincy again today.
By exileKT8
Yes well done Glammy, I hoped my pessimistic posting would quickly be proved wrong.

Everybody more or less making contributions. I sense more common purpose than we had in T20, which comes from Coaches and Captains, Carlson seems to be making the right calls and a bold one to show support for Carey and keep him on.

Once again, top effort by Hogan.
By glamman
Was unable to watch the Northants innings but overall seems a good team performance. Expect to see Walker back for the next game. Impressed by the partnership between Taylor and Cullen at a tricky time. Also good acceleration from Cooke.
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