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By exileKT8
Probably best for all parties that Wagg`s contract issue is no longer dragging on. A difficult one for MW as Wagg has contributed a lot over his 10 years and we can all thank him as supporters for his whole hearted efforts. I wish him well for the future.
By hujon64
The wait is over and Wagg is going. He has been a wonderful ‘servant’ and favourite with fans for Glamorgan over his 10 years and difficult decision for MM and MW. However, money is of vital importance to all Clubs now and he was, obviously, offered a contract and time taken to discuss terms which could not be agreed. I presume Hugh Morris pulls the purse strings so may have been little leeway. Will be interesting to see if he can agree terms at another Club and wish him well for the future.
By Jenks33
Great servant. I can’t knock the club for not agreeing terms with a 37 year old and I think it’s the correct decision that he’s moving on. What a great signing he’s been though. Saved us so many times over the years in all formats. If we only we had a few more characters in the past 10 years that had the same self belief as Wagg
By glamman
Agree that Wagg has been a great servant to the club. Always up for the fight and someone you would want on your side rather than the opposition. However time to put resources into future players. Would be odd for Wagg to be paid more than youngsters who are delivering more. Guess that might have been the issue when he was reported, on the BBC website, to be in contract negotiations back in September.
Wish him well but difficult to see how, in the current climate, he will find another county.
By Shamu
Remind us who the youngsters are who are delivering more than Wagg ?

Replacement on the way.
By glamman
Shamu wrote: Wed Oct 14, 2020 4:50 pm Remind us who the youngsters are who are delivering more than Wagg ?

Replacement on the way.
Wagg is at the end of his career and is not the force he was. His Blast stats this season are not great: 3 wickets in 5 T20 innings with an economy of 8.9 and 30 runs at a SR of just 91. I see more coming from Smith and Douthwaite in the same spot and I would not expect Wagg to accept the same wage as they get paid.
By Shamu
Big questions over Smith’s fitness as his appearance record since his debut is woeful and nothing to suggest there’ll be any future improvement.
Douthwaite is a club cricketer.

Wagg brought more to the team (on and off the pitch) than the other two put together.

Simple decision made by Glam around succession planning.
Wagg wanted 2 years, club only prepared to offer 1.

As previously stated - Wagg’s replacement to follow shortly.
By Nick_Glam
It's always sad when a long serving player moves on, but this is probably for the best.

We will doubtless have to be very careful financially, and I don't think Wagg would have been needed to start all that many matches.

He has been a fine servant though, during some difficult years.
By Bubbles
Good servant for the club but I congratulate the county on having a backbone by making this decision. We cannot afford to pay people a good salary and then expect them to play red ball OR white ball cricket. Adopting this policy has certainly hindered the development of certain players and I feel clouds players expectations. Let's put an end to this three game trial and pick the best players available for each game. Players do not seem to have in business terms a job description to follow and achieve. By this method there are no grey areas and players can have no complaints. The throw any line that we will sort this out in the winter can be used individually and professionally to give each player a fair crack of the whip. :pray:
By glamman
I think all players should be up for selection for 50 over cricket. For example there is a place for the fast and slower scorer. That is why I think the format is so good. However there are players who will make the 4 day team and not the T20 one and vice versa as they are very different formats.
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