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By glamman
It would be great to have some more people on this site who actually knew something about cricket in Wales rather than just make random attacks on Glamorgan players and staff.

Let's look at the facts:
- we finshed a distant bottom in Divions 2 last year with just 2 wins and 10 losses. This year we finished 4th losing just 3 matches - I am not sure who can claim this is not an improvement?
- we made an excellent signing in Labuschagne who did what overseas batsmens are supposed to do - score lots of runs. Perhaps the issue is that we have not seen that consistency for a while.
- Our running scoring in the Championship was not just down to Labuschagne:
Cooke averaged 46 compared to 24 last year
Root averaged 37
Cullen averaged 35
Selman averaged 34 compared to 18 last year
Hemphrey averaged 32
Lloyd averaged 30
Last year only Khawaja and De Lange averaged over 30.
- One member of this forum keeps banging on about the fact Cullen should not have been replaced by Cooke. Cooke is the club captain and averaged 11 more than Cullen with the bat. He played a game in the 2s rather than coming straight back in and I think the whole thing was handled correctly. Cullen was given another chance at 3 but unfortunately failed. I hope we see more of him next season.
- We performed poorly in white ball cricket and that needs to be addressed but most of us here value the 4 day game more and if we can get promoted that brings with it the opportunity to recruit more effectively.

Occasionally the idea of a Wales XI keeps raising its ugly head. Again it comes from people who clearly have no understanding of how cricket in Wales works. I suggest they speak to people who know about these things. Go down to your local premier league club on a Saturday and find out what is going on. You might even get to chat to one or more of the Glamorgan players who are universally very polite and approachable young men. This is not the world of soccer stars. I do and that is where you learn about things, plus you can watch some of the potential stars of the future (for free).
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By Shamu
Just for the record - by virtue of the fact that you attend some club cricket matches (the standard of which is the worst it has been for over 50 years !) allied to the odd snippet from players who are compelled to play club cricket on a “Saturday off” in the congested County calendar and clearly would rather be elsewhere, you consider yourself as someone “who actually knows something about cricket in Wales” is quite staggering.

Having perused your postings, the veracity of your self proclamation is dubious at best.

Ah well, if it makes you happy ............................................
By Bubbles
Your embarrassing statements require a reply. You purport to be the godfather of Welsh cricket knowing everything from graasroots through to the professional game. You have no idea who you are spouting to and "star struck" because you have spoken to some lovely Glamorgan players .
Unfortunately averages can be for average players and we have a bunch of cricketers who did OK in the four day game.and in the white ball game?
Stop living in the past move on and see where cricket will go in the years to come.
Four day cricket with the ECB funding cricket and wanting players to play test cricket may see a lot our team become redundant. Apart from our stadium the county produces nothing. Sad to say but the truth hurts! :doh: :doh:
By Bubbles
My company is thinking of sponsoring some awards for this board in 2020 but can't make up our minds what they would be.
Flask of the year award?
Homemade sandwich of the year award ( must be made for you by wife/partner)
Bus pass of the year award?
Armchair supporter of the year award?
I think these subjects suit our membership but would value your comments
Thoughts please? :dance :drunk: :clap
By bobbly4
Those who have criticised Maynard's appointment here should take a look at Labuschagne's comments on the BBC website. Perhaps you might then give the man some credit!
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By Bubbles
Agree that it is an excellent signing and I have stated elsewhere on this site that Marnus's work ethic was exceptional but what about the time when he wasn't around. How good was Maynard then?
Glamorgan will have put the boat out on signing him and luckily he is keen to :hug: :hug: return.
Marnus has praised ALL at the club which you would expect from someone seeking employment.
Looking forward to 2020 although the jury is still out on the coaching staff. :hug: :hug: :clap:
By Bubbles
The point I was trying to make was that no-one taking up a job is going to say anything bad about his future employer. So he had plenty of offers? From who?
You honestly think after scoring 1000 runs and taking 19 wickets in half a season, then starring in the ashes that we were the only county who wanted to sign him😂
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