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By caergybi
So first four overs and last one we score 83 and in other 15, 97. Good finish by Ingram, 3 sixes and two fours in last over.
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By Vetchetarian
Excellent start from Lloyd and Lawlor, then a big slump, and Ingram giving the team a shout at a win.
By caergybi
Looks like we will need a Somerset slump to win as thy are also having a good start.
By Nick_Glam
Somerset absolutely cruising. No surprise really as our bowling attack is not the strongest.

A decent effort from our batsmen though.
By glamman
Middle order should have given the strike to Ingram. Root, Douthwaite and Morgan used up 16 balls scoring 6 runs. Odd not to see Wagg.
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By Jenks33
What a bizarre decision not to bat Wagg. I expected him to walk in after the dismissal of Cooke. 134 for 3 after 15 overs it was the perfect time for Waggy in my opinion. Ok we ended on a decent total but we’re not going to score 27 off the last over every time. Disappointing defeat after such a positive start from Lloyd and Lawlor. I know it’s a tough game for bowlers but that First over from De Lange was a killer. We struggled to wrestle momentum back after that
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By Vetchetarian
Hmmm, so much for a strong T20 team.

Glam's score was at least 20/30 runs short, but I feel sure that Somerset would have won the game anyway.

A bit of a shambles not getting visa arranged for the Pakistani batsman. Somerset had a similar problem with the same player a few seasons ago. Doesn't anyone at Glam know the rules? Yet more evidence of poor management.
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By psychocandy
Good start but we fell away badly in the middle. Ingram seemed to struggle at first but showed his class with brilliant last over.

Not sure about the batting order. Root and Morgan coming in. I would have definitely had Wagg in there. Also, De Lange can hit a good ball.

After that start we should have got 200.

Bowling we looked poor. De Lange in T20 is not going to end well - bowls way too short. Then again that young lad for Somerset Banton looks a class T20 batsman. (apparently the IPL people are looking at him already).

Way too easy for Somerset in the end. I left with 4 overs to go.
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By psychocandy
Vetchetarian wrote: Thu Jul 18, 2019 11:11 pm Hmmm, so much for a strong T20 team.

Glam's score was at least 20/30 runs short, but I feel sure that Somerset would have won the game anyway.

A bit of a shambles not getting visa arranged for the Pakistani batsman. Somerset had a similar problem with the same player a few seasons ago. Doesn't anyone at Glam know the rules? Yet more evidence of poor management.
Agreed I think Somerset would still have got 200-210.
By glamman
De Lange can be very hit and miss in T20 - kept banging it in short. Not sure why Carey was not involved as he seems to be able to put the ball where he wants to.
Was impressed with Douthwaite - thought he might be a bit of a risk bowling but seemed to hit a good length. Was a bit naieve when batting.
Lawlor and Lloyd did well at the top of the order.
Why Wagg did not bat and then only bowl 2 overs was strange. I assume he would have bowled at the end but was a bit late then.
I note we are back again at Cheltenham this afternoon with a 2:30 start.
By hujon64
Like everyone else, disappointed with last night but Somerset were always going to be strong. Our total seemed a good one to me but, of course, should have been more and that’s why I’m also baffled as to why Wagg, who is a proven quick run scorer, didn’t come in and hardly bowled. As for the overseas player, understand he was due to arrive in time for last night’s match but visas can be very ‘tricky’ from Pakistan and, of course, didn’t have much time to secure someone after Marsh’s injury - could say ‘just our luck’ but we’ve been doing OK this season overall so shouldn’t complain.
By djronnieb65
I looked at that team last night and thought straight away that it didn’t look strong enough
The fact is we don’t possess a decent spinner and that is a big setback in any T 20 team
Salter and Morgan are not good enough for championship cricket never mind T 20
The proof last night was shown when we were scoring at about eleven an over and so Somerset brought on their spinner
The difference he made bowling spin was immediate and our run rate crashed.
Part time spinners can work sometimes but not all the time and I stated last season that we should have made it our top priority for this season
Thank god we still have the best t20 batsman in the world still with us
Without him last night we would have scored about 150 at most
Very unfortunate about the Marsh Brothers not being able to play
However we still have 13 games to go and we will have to put put big scores up and bat the opposition out of the game
Hopefully TDG will play regularly as I believe him to be the best bowling partner with Hogan as De Lange does tend to be rather expensive
Let’s hope we can get visas sorted for our Pakistan player soon otherwise try and get a top class spinner
By glamman
As Ingram admitted during his interview he was dreadful until the last over. His form over the last 9 months has not been great so hopefully he will build on that last over.
As I have said before - Insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
De Lange kept bowling short and it kept going to the boundary. I think Carey has the ability to bowl like Hogan in T20. He has been our 2nd most economical bowler in the Championship only beaten by Hogan.
By bobbly4
Firstly well done Lawler and Lloyd with the bat and Douthwaite with the ball.

That said I agree it is completely baffling why Wagg only bowled 2 overs and didn't get to bat. Also de Lange needs to be dropped and put in the corner to think long and hard about coupling some fast bowling with some intelligent bowling. He and the coaching team seem to have been entirely seduced by his speed!

Was at the match early and yet again struck by the contrast between the sides during the warm up. Glamorgan so often look amateurish in their preparation and certainly lacked the intensity and focus of Somerset last night and this translates to on the field of play.

At the match Somerset looked a well drilled and intense side with good pre thought plans players moving automatically to fielding positions against each batsman. In contrast Glamorgan fielders needed to be told to move and a lot of windmilling went on from bowlers and captain.
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By exileKT8
Thanks for the input which has answered and echoed some of my thoughts re the game, particularly the batting order in the last overs. A pretty comprehensive and easy win for Somerset. Experience in the spin and batting seemingly the difference. Interesting that Somerset chose to chase, don`t wickets usually get slower in Cardiff, presume it was a new track. Saw De Lange bowl well at Arundel two seasons ago on batting belter by keeping the ball very full. If we had our 2 overseas then presumably 2 out of Lawlor, Morgan and Douthwaite would have missed out. Good effort from Lawlor but those 16 balls to Douthwaite, Morgan and Root for 6, well you would think an overseas international would have made better use and 190/195 might have induced a little bit of pressure on Somerset. Presumably Fahkar`s agent didn`t spend too long discussing visa issues. There have been a lot of overseas players in this country until recently, might there have been easier options or options that would include availability for this first two games. Sorry to repeat myself but always risky signing S. Marsh on a 3 year deal that included a World Cup and Ashes and if his brother has a good Aussie trial next week don`t hold your breath. Good luck at Cheltenham to the boys, something that we had 5 Welshmen on the pitch and 2 more UK born.
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