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By johnwales
Eoin Morgan will not indicate to the spectators a request for them to stop booing Steve Smith and David Warner. Reminds me of Tony Greig claiming he was going to rub the West Indies into the mud. After the compassion shown by New Zealand cricketers towards the West Indies.

I personally believe this is a statement which brings the game into disrepute and I feel Morgan should be suspended for the Australia game. He will nevertheless be targeted by the Australian fast bowlers.

Smith and Warner both cheated, but they have served their sentence and should be allowed to play without childish behaviour from the stands and on the field.
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By Vetchetarian
The people who booed have presumably forgotten Michael Atherton's ball tampering.
I really don't like Morgan. Sadly, we share the same surname.
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By johnwales
Entirely agree with you Vetchetarian; M.A. as you say offended in the same way and basically walked free with a two or three game suspension. Eoian Morgan was born and bread in Dublin and I do wonder about the ethics of his selection as captain.

The question of cheating needs looking at more carefully. If a bowler oversteps the crease he is no balled and in some formats concedes a free hit. Yet if a batsman wanders out side the crease in backing up for a run, and the bowler stops and removes the bails, then the batsman id out; and the bowler heralded a villain. It is time for this 'gentleman's agreement' is quashed , as both these aspects of the game are a form of cheating.
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By Vetchetarian
The history of English cricket is littered with captain's who were born outside England. Tony Lewis (Wales), Mike Denness (Scotland), Tony Grieg (South Africa), Colin Cowdrey ( India ), et al, so nothing new, or necessarily wrong, with Morgan being Irish. I don't like him as a person.

" Cheating " is a tricky one. I think bowlers cheat when they, and their fellow teammates, polish the ball. Yet that seems to be fully acceptable.

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