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By TWrex
An unusual day at the cricket for me today. Stayed overnight in Canterbury taking advantage of the low Sunday rates, but it was pretty obvious from first thing. there was not much chance of play today. So making use of my bus pass took a trip to Folkestone, going up Old Dover Road behind an optimistic the Somerset team bus, past the St. Lawrence ground, then on through the countryside passing through Elham, birthplace of Les Ames, into Folkestone via the Cheriton Road ground (have seen a few Folkestone v Dartford football matches there at the adjacent ground). Enjoyed a bit of time on the Leas, the sun came out & tea was taken early in the Leas Pavilion café. Then returned by bus to Canterbury, including a stop right opposite the gate to Selsted cricket ground. Having kept up to date with the state of 'non play' via my mobile headed straight to Canterbury East & my train home. Not a bad day of 'cricket' despite not seeing a ball bowled.
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By gmdf
You certainly made best use of your day...But did you go back for the 22 wickets that fell on Tuesday when over 1000 pupils from local schools were lucky to see an exciting day of cricket?
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By TWrex
No I was not there on Tuesday, not in the best of health these days, too much 'galavanting' about leaves me knackered for a while afterwards, so little & often for me. This weekend it is T.W. & a couple of journeys up & down the Spa Valley Railway on Sunday & a day of cricket (weather permitting) on Monday. Then a weekend off followed by 2 Sunday/Mondays of cricket at Canterbury & The Oval.
Pity about today's events, could have used a drop or two of rain , but hey-ho onward we go.
I'm glad it didn't rain on the children on Tuesday & that they enjoyed it & hopefully some new supporters/players were inspired to enjoy the game. Takes me back to another schools day, strangely enough Somerset were also the visitors, in a 2016 Royal London match. The heavens opened that day just before play was due to start, it was a biblical downpour, & shelter was found for the children wherever available. The rain passed, the ground was made ready & a reduced game was played. In the meantime the children made the best of it with impromptu games everywhere. I remember a lot of noise & plenty of fun being had, trust it was the same this week.
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By gmdf
There were certainly lots of games on the outfield on Tuesday and much fun being had - whereas today the few of us who went were out shouted and applauded by the jubilant Somerset fans as they looked like title chasers and we looked like relegation candidates.

The Notts game could well be pivotal this season - we mustn't lose, and really need to win! I may be able to go on Tuesday, but otherwise will have to watch from afar. Keeping fingers crossed for good weather that week & the next when I can get to all 4 days...if the match lasts that long!
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