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By Bucksman
Another good start with Sussex at 68-6, but... what's this, another recovery in progress at 190 without further loss. It can only be hoped we don't let things get right away again before it's too late!
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By Bucksman
Once the shine and hardness goes from the ball, we seem to be pretty stuffed these days!
By Nick14
Yesterday really took the biscuit. Our odd borrowed attack had them 67-6. Finally I thought, a good day for us! I got home from work to see the score ended on 370-6. I mean......bloody hell, really?? What a lousy season so far.
By Den Buckett
Wakely concussed at home , but travels to ground then goes to hospital. All very strange.

Yet another injury with Wood retiring late in the day.
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By Bucksman
Den Buckett wrote: Tue May 21, 2019 11:01 pm Yet another injury with Wood retiring late in the day.

Struck on the helmet with the first ball of Tuesday's final over from Chris Jordan!

The pitch became flatter as the game progressed, and things appear promising now at lunch (at
104-1), with Cobb well set (only playing due to Wakely's mishap), but can he stay there to maintain the momentum?
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