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By madmickeyt
May I first of all say I greatly admire your spirit of posting comments and keeping this section alive.

But I cannot help noticing that there are threads you have started with over 100 views but no actual comments.

As I have just said in reply to the same comment posted by you elsewhere, it is possible to have a discussion about an article without asking people to click on a link to take them somewhere else.

Please just tell us what Downton is saying, in so many words, and that will no doubt lead to the matter being discussed more widely. It is surely the only way to get people joining in.

By the way, the moderator commented on this issue back in March 2017.
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By gmdf
It's a an interview over 40 minutes or so, covering both his own career but mostly his current role at KCCC.

Whilst I did a fair amount of précis at school, this was a long time ago and I'm not sure I have the capability (and possibly motivation) to do an acceptable job in summarising Downton's very measured answers.

I was, however, aware that the interview was on local radio and therefore might well be missed by some of those who might be interested . To be honest if only one person hears it who wouldn't have otherwise, I feel providing the link is worthwhile.

But if those on this forum don't want to be signposted information... well either I can give up doing so, or they can ignore my posts.
By madmickeyt
I don't think you have understood my reason for bringing this up again - please see my first sentence.

it is not about not wanting to be signposted information, it is about whether you can add a few lines to stimulate interest.

Presumably you don't want to see these forums die, well nor do I which is why i am suggesting a constructive way of stimulating debate and discussion. What you seem to be saying is that you are happy for 1 or more people to click on the link and have their own private viewing and thoughts. Surely we can aim higher than that?

The fact that the interview is 40 mins cuts both ways. All the more reason to tell us something about what's in it IMO.

I will do my best not to mention this again, the point has been made, so it is up to you and anyone else interested to take the matter forward.
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