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By TWrex
Went to see Alfie Boe & Katherine Jenkins in 'Carousel' last night. All started very well, although Miss Jenkin's American accent did drift into a lovely Welsh lilt from time to time, but it did not spoil the show. The interval arrived & went on & on until the man with a microphone appeared so everyone knew bad news was coming, Alfie Boe had been taken ill & could not continue & the understudy would be taking over. Moans & groans of disappointment but the show had to go on. The understudy's first appearance got a warm round of applause & of course at the final curtain he received a cheering standing ovation. It was a show within a show & made for a memorable evening. I expect there will be disappointment for the many fans of Mr. Boe for the 2 performances today, but I expect the understudy will receive a rapturous reception after initial disappointment has won off.
Whoever appears it is a brilliant semi-staged production with only a couple of weeks to run at the London Coliseum.
By RobNos
Such a shame that this ran for only a couple of weeks in London Coliseum. The tickets were impossible to get.
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By TWrex
Are we at odds over shows here? Alfie Boe was at the Coliseum last year for about 5 weeks in 'Carousel'..
Recently 'Kiss Me Kate' by Opera North was on for only 11 performances, but I got in quick and was able to get tickets, a brilliant show.

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