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By PaulTavs
So England have now won their first two ODIs on the tour.

When England lost the Ashes, as usual many fingers were pointed at our domestic structure - particularly a marginalised Championship.

Yet we have degraded the 50 over game much more, it gets absolute bottom billing in the season, most of it is played out in May-early June - any player at a club not qualifying plays just 8 days a year at first-team level and it's over and done for them on June 7.

So, when we succeed at ODIs we can hardly say it's down to the great domestic set-up.

Thoughts? I am curious to know what people think.
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By Alex
That's a very good point Paul, the success seems to have come with giving the players the license to express themselves, I wonder what emphasis is placed on this in the domestic 50 over competition.
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By PaulTavs
Well a lot of the 50 over matches certainly seemed to be played apace last year - Notts were like a large predator chewing up other large predators.

However, I am sure if we were rubbish at ODIs, people would be saying "Well, it's hardly surprising with just a few matches every year, played in May."

It makes you wonder if the criticisms levelled at domestic 4-day cricket for the Ashes defeat really have any validity.
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By chris
Think that T20 skills are more readily transferred to the ODI format than either of the two short formats are to Test cricket.

So it's not as simple as looking at the domestic 50 over game which if anything has largely become redundant because of T20, and will only become more so as it will effectively be played by second teams squad cricketers when it classes with the franchises in a couple of years time.

Isn't it also that despite efforts from certain quaters people do care about the Test performance, so there are endless post mortems and attempts to allocate blame for failure, but if we fail at an ODI series or competition any similar attempts at an uprising are easily put down and forgotten as soon as there is a Test match (series) win.
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By PaulTavs
Spot on, Chris.

I think as you say, the concern is in fact that with Tests there are "attempts" to find someone or something to blame, even if there is little or no conclusive evidence. It's verification of a pre-determined stance, not an in-depth analysis.
By LankyShark
Watching the game from Dunedin, thinking, why can’t Old Trafford look like that?
By LankyShark
Same game. Still watching, fell asleep but recorded it. Chose this as an all night match as it suited work etc.

It appears now to be as cold as Old Trafford in April

A thought. With 11 overs to go, NZ are ahead on DLS. But Sky’s WASP thing has them at 22% chance of victory

Something wrong there surely.

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