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By chris
now 1 wicket behind Courtney Walsh 518 vs 519 with McGrath on 563

where do we think he will end up? is 564 or even 600 possible?

in the Ashes he has 4 wickets a match so far, effectively with 2 matches to go.

Next in 2018:
2 tests in New Zealand (possibly 4 matches ahead of him)
2 tests at home v Pakistan (6 matches)
5 tests at home v India (11 matches)
3 tests in Sri Lanka
before 3 tests in 2019 in the West Indies followed by the 2019 Ashes series.

Will next summer's India series be his last, as England look to the future for the 2019 Ashes in their 18/19 tour selections? Or would they rest their most succesful current tourist from the New Zealand tour?

To get ahead of McGrath he needs 45 wickets in the 11 tests max between now and September 2018. Possible.
or to reach 600 he would probably need to continue to tour in 18/19 (on the back of a good English summer).

He is, of course, one bad injury away from retirement.

and why was he not nominated for SPOTY? I doubt he has ever been?
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By PaulTavs
As you say, he is one injury away from retirement, but on the other hand he seems as good as ever - shone in this series despite heavy scoring and wins for Aus.

You would expect, fitness permitting, him to carry on through all the games you list.

Surely he will play in New Zealand? 7 matches and a few tour games is not a massive ask over 5 months.
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By Alex
Out of the bowlers he's one of the only ones who can hold his head high. With no pace to help him, having an average of 25 is exceptional especially when you consider Broad's is in the 40's and Moeen's is over 100!

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