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By Alex
I'm pleased to announce some exciting news, very shortly we will be making the switch over from SMF (our current forum software) to phpBB. There are a few reasons for this with the main one being phpBB is much more mobile friendly which will make it easier to post on the forum at the match.

When this will happen?

With the cricket season almost here I'm very conscious of bringing the forum down for a period of time so it will most likely be done in an evening/overnight when there are no matches going on to cause as little inconvenience as possible

What does that mean for your current accounts?

Your current accounts will transfer over to the new forum software so no posts will be lost, the layout of the forum will remain similar however we will be updating the look of the forum slightly

If you have any other questions feel free to ask them and I'll respond ASAP!
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By Alex
The forum is now back active, still making changing to the look of it so that'll be changing throughout the day
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By gmdf
Getting used to the new Forum, but can I just say that waiting for all posts to be 'approved' does rather slow down talk, and is even a bit off putting.
By glamman
Agree about the delay getting things approved - posted a new topic 3 hours ago and still not appeared. The delay means that it is not worth posting.
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By Alex
Think I've got to the bottom of the permission issue now, hopefully that should be solved.
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By Alex
Sorry yeah not got to the bottom of it yet, will be fixed by tomorrow though!
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By Alex
The posting issue is now fixed, it should work as expected, sorry for the issues!
By blackmoon
Even more exciting news......................We are still a very poor side, the whipping boys yet again.
By jiuer7845
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