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By Alex
Hi all,

Just thought I'd see if there was any interest in it before I put something together, would anyone be interested in buying View From The Boundary Merchandise? I was thinking of maybe putting together some shirts, phone cases, mouse mats and possibly some other things if people have any ideas.


By Discodai
Seriously,if the ££ does help in any way(maybe it could pay for you to sponsor/advertise for more site exposure)then it would be good if the contributors could contribute in that way too. I guess you have lots more lurkers than posters?
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By Alex
It's not about the £££ for me, was just wondering people would be interested in branded items. The best way to attract new people to the site is word of mouth either at the cricket itself or via social media. Every little helps! (Tesco haven't sponsored me to say that :sus: )
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By Alex
Yeah it's because other clubs already have established forums, the ones we are working on is Nottinghamshire and Hampshire (eventually) as they dont have a forum set up.

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