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Would it be useful to have a site guide

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By Alex
Would it be helpful to have a guide on the forum to explain all of the feature that we have to offer?

Vote in the poll and leave a comment with your opinion.

If the interest is there it would be something I would be looking to implement in late December/early January so you have plenty of time to voice your opinion!
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By Bradders
Not sure what you mean to be honest Alex.  I think that most sporting forums, this included, are pretty much self-explanatory in the current guises / skins that they use.  However, I have been using sites like this for a long time so my opinion might not be reflective of others.
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By Alex
It's just that we have a few features that other forums might not have. For example, the Shoutbox, it would be good to make that popular as its a great tool to chat to the other members on the forum.

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