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By brummy41
Hi just an idea, you could incorporate a fantasy cricket game to rival the daily telegraph, maybe a warm up using the IPL.
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By Alex
That is something in the pipelines, in the future when we redevelop the site we will create our own but for now I think we could create a league on one of the website.
By Lawson212
Hi everyone!

Just a quirky idea to put to you all. Does anyone like the idea of a 'Fantasy County' league??

Basically, the preface for the idea would be to choose one player from each of the 18 counties, and that player can score you 'points' , and the winner is the person with the most points at the end. Details can be arranged later, but I just wanted an idea of whether people thought that it could be an idea to run with??
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By Alex
Hi, it is still in the plan to introduce a fantasy league when we introduce DCF v2.0 which will hopefully happen at the start of April

But in the meantime we could set up an interim one

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