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By brandon
Morning lads. Coming down to Trent Bridge in September for Durham's visit, was wondering what it's like to get parked at the ground for the cricket. Planned to be down for Friday and Saturday (Days 3 and 4) so a bit of a gamble regarding there being play - but only time I could get down.

Was down in 2010 when you battered us and got parked no bother near a coop iirc, in sight of the ground. Think it was free too. Is the same street parking still available?? Other issue potentially is Forest being at home - subject to the fixtures being released. How, if at all, does that change things with regard to local parking??

By Dan2015
hi Brandon.
Can't answer this myself (don't drive to the cricket) but i'll post it on twitter & see if there are any tweets
By brandon
hi Brandon.
Can't answer this myself (don't drive to the cricket) but i'll post it on twitter & see if there are any tweets

By MarkR
That same street parking is still there and not sure of any hours of use or number of hours to be parked there just that there is not much of it.
You can park at Forest for a few quid (may be £5 a day) but if Forest are at home at the same time that not be available.
The Friday will certainly be easier to sort out and the Saturday should be ok as you will be arriving in the morning rather than when Forest or Notts play so you will be parked up well in advance.
By 1_NewarkOutlaw
I usually park on Holme Road or one of the many roads off it, free parking too. There is the Nottinghamshire sports club with ample parking too, only a 5 minute walk to the ground. Hope this post is of some use to you.
By CricPie
County Championship games the best place by far is in County Hall which is the green roofed building on Trent side.
Ample parking and just over the road from the ground....it's free for championship but they have cottoned on to it for limited overs fixtures and now charge a fiver...
By brandon
Thought I'd revisit this thread now the football fixturea are out - Forest are away, County at home - will that have any bearing on the amount of traffic around TB??

Also note the Panthers are at home on the Saturday night, was hoping they'd be at home on the Friday, not sure the lads I'm travelling with will want to hang around on the Saturday night to watch Ice Hockey - they don't share my passion for it unfortunately!
By CricPie
The game at Meadow Lane will have no bearing whatsoever on the fixture at Trent Bridge....
As it's a 10.30 start you will see no football traffic as only around 5,000 will be in attendance for the Luton game.
County Hall will be charging a fiver which is as i said before your best bet..
I see this is Day 4 for the Durham game....the way our games have gone this season you'll be lucky to see much action.
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By brandon
You can say that again! Although we're coming down for Days 3 and 4 so even if it doesn't go the distance we should see some play on the Friday atleast.

We may well add to the 5,000 watching County if it does end early!

What's the alcohol policy at TB for County games? Read something on the website which iirc stated alcohol is permitted just not in bottles or cans....... So seemingly a hip flask or box of wine is the only option?? Failing that a barrel?!  :lol
By CricPie
Few Notts  fans drink in the ground because of the cost.....as far as bringing in your own goes ...they won't want to see you try to bring a slab through the gates...just do what you feel is sensible...ask the steward on arrival if you can pop across to the Co-op and replenish if needs be.
As you probably know there are  a few places to have a shandy close by with the TBI being the cheapest,it's somewhat more pricey in The Southbank Bar on the ground side on Trent Bridge...then you've got the various bars and eating establishments of West Bridgford itself...
There will be no fee to park in County Hall on a Friday btw..
Just remembered a new bar that is open just over Trent Bridge that used to be the Boots Social Club....been taken over by Castle Rock brewery and is being totally revamped....might be worth a visit .
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By brandon
Had a cracking day, result aside. Another enjoyable trip to a beautiful ground, more disappointed it didn't go into Day 4 than the defeat really, parked in hotel car park on the Friday so didn't get to put the advice to use.
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