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By Den Buckett
onemorerun wrote: Tue Sep 01, 2020 1:50 pm If Rossington is injured, then Vasconcelos will be in, which given he's the club's best batsman, is a nice problem to have. Obviously he's less of a hitter than Rossington.

Surely if Wakely does nothing tonight, we've got to give someone else a chance?
6 from 11 balls. Surely time to give Thurston or Curran a chance. Both are good fielders and may make more of an impact with the bat.

We need to give some credit to the new bowling coaching because it is pretty obvious that our t20 bowling has been at a totally different level to last year.
By saintcobbler
Another good win. It seems like we don't need to worry too much about the first 6 wickets, just the tailenders. That Bresnan is doing a good job in his twilight years. Agree, Wakely has to go.
By onemorerun
Northamptonshire v Glamorgan on TV tonight. Easier to watch than the streaming service, but frankly I much prefer the online commentary with Andrew Radd.

This is second of two games today from Edgbaston; in the first, Somerset and Worcs scored 442 runs in 40 overs (though Worcs in particular had trouble with wides and no-balls).

So hope to see some big hitting from Levi, Stirling etc. However, we all know we have a long tail, and have been pretty much dug out of a hole a couple of times by Zaib.

Rossington confirmed will miss the game, my guess is team will be unchanged. I'd like to get Thurston and Sole in the team, but none of the bowlers deserve to be dropped.
By Den Buckett
Wakely saying he's looking forward to playing in front of the cameras so obviously playing again!
By onemorerun
I almost added to my previous comment that Wakely would now top score and lead us to victory, which of course he did!

But we made it look difficult. For the second time in the competition Levi and Stirling got out in the space of a few balls (same over?), Cobb came and went and then Vasconcelos and Wakely had to rebuild. I think if Glamorgan had picked up another wicket then, we'd have lost by a distance. One day we will come unstuck.

I'd like to see Thurston or Sole come in - do we really need eight bowlers?
By Shortlegs
Overall a good team effort, particularly the bowling. Buck, White and Cobb in particular are really looking good. Stirling and Levi are giving us whirlwind starts and while we know the rest of the batting won't score so fast the contrast once they depart is too dramatic, especially if Cbb goes cheaply.

We scraped over the line yesterday. Some consolidation was required after losing our two openers, but there's a difference between a bit of caution and knocking the ball for 4 or 5 singles an over for 6 or 7 consecutive overs. That puts the pressure back on. To my mind Wakely and Vasconcelos were overcautious for too long and without White's little cameo, I'm not sure we'd have won.

The good news is that we did make it and have won 4 out of 5, with still room for improvement in the batting department. Let's hope we can get Rossington back after the break.
By onemorerun
Tomorrow's match v Glos starts at 2.30.

Four players unavailable for covid reasons (1 positive test; 3 who had been in contact). No idea who (justified sport-wide policy not to name names), so we don't really know if any members of T20 team are involved).
By Den Buckett
Finally caught out by our weak batting line-up. I'm surprised we chased again - we got 120, just got to 160 in previous matches but 180 was always going to be too much. Cobb can't get going - a couple of Bob Willis Trophy games may have helped. The openers need to stay for longer but at least they show intent. Wakely 14 from 17 balls again which is absolutely no use when you need over 9 an over...but it seems he has a free pass into the team.
By onemorerun
Spot on. Agree with every word.

For years we have had this mantra that "we are good chasers", so we put teams in when it isn't necessarily the right thing to do.

Back in 2013, when the club analysed what made a successful T20 team, one of the (with hindsight blindingly obvious) conclusions was that the most successful teams were those that hit the most sixes. Today, in a full 20 overs, we hit .... none. Not a single six in 120 balls.

I wonder if that's a first?

Commentators were pointing out all the potentially fast-scoring batsmen were in the first four, and maybe one of them should drop down the order.

Can anyone at the club play spin bowling?

We don't know who's unavailable for covid reasons (though we can speculate, given today's team) but if available, I honestly can't see why Thurston is not in the team, and as a 'steadier', I would have Vasconcelos rather than Wakely. I think Vasconcelos is clearly the best batsman at the club, and the idea that he's not quick enough for T20 doesn't stand up. His strike rate is higher than Wakely's (113 Vs 97).

As has been said before, consolidation is needed after the fall of wickets, but there's no point consolidating to the point where victory is impossible. I've said in past years that batsmen shouldn't trundle along at 6 an over, then expect the bowlers to come in and score 10 an over. It seems standard for us to dawdle along, scrape a win in the last over then declare we're good chasers. Today showed that's not true.

You may be right that Cobb is suffering from lack of match practice - he's averaging 16.75 and today's dismissal was hopeless.

Bowlers seemed below par, just didn't seem to spark today. I'm struggling to see what Berg brings to the team. If he's batting below Graeme White and bowling two expensive overs, would we be better off with another batsman or a different seamer (Hutton/Jack White/Muzarabani)?

Stirling impressed as a bowler in the first match but since then struggles to get a bowl. Is he injured? And is there a reason why Sole never gets a bowl?

On a positive note, well done Luke Procter and Graeme White, both batting and bowling.

Hopefully we can bounce back on Sunday. Given the short turnaround, I don't expect many, if any, team changes.
By Shortlegs
Agree with onemorerun, as I often do, except about Cobb,'s lack of match practice. He smashed 2 half centuries in the T20 practice matches against Leicestershire before the T20 started and was our man in form coming into the tournament. He has just lost batting form at the wrong time unfortunately. These things happen. In any case, think putting Vasconcelos at 3, and Cobb and Rossington at 4 and 5 (and therefore dropping Wakely) would give us better balance. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
By onemorerun
Yes, I forgot to look up the warm-up matches.

Same team that lost heavily on Friday, and we're two wickets down already. I repeat, can anyone in our club play spin?
By onemorerun
98 all out. Not much about that innings that wasn't completely pathetic. Sole the exception.

Will we learn, and give all our slow bowlers as many overs as possible?

We desperately need a decent batsman like Vasconcelos or Thurston in the team.
By Den Buckett
onemorerun wrote: Sun Sep 13, 2020 3:13 pm 98 all out. Not much about that innings that wasn't completely pathetic. Sole the exception.

Will we learn, and give all our slow bowlers as many overs as possible?

We desperately need a decent batsman like Vasconcelos or Thurston in the team.
You say 'Sole the exception' and then he is dropped for the match today and Wakely incredibly retains his place. I am starting to really worry about the team selections. Cobb also continues to struggle but I assume will probably be safe as captain and is a bowling option.
By onemorerun
Worcestershire at home - another defeat, albeit only 8 runs. In the context of such a narrow margin, Wakely's 7 runs off 13 balls was crucial. He's averaging under 17 at a strike rate of 85. Take out one score of 36* and his average drops to single figures.

He's simply not worth his place in the team. I'm afraid it reminds me all too much of David Sales, another very good player who went on too long.

Then there's Cobb. He's averaging 15 at a strike rate of 91. Perhaps he needs to drop down the order, as at the moment, once we lose our first wicket, the second follows shortly after.

I'm glad to see Vasconcelos in the team, although he was out cheaply tonight, he is still above Wakely and Cobb on both average and strike rate. He should keep his place.

Stirling is underperforming. He began with 80*, but has since scored 89 runs in 6 innings, average under 15. Not good enough.

Bowlers - our seam bowlers are all going for between 8 an over (Berg) and 9.18 an over (Glover). This will lose us most matches, as despite what the club thinks, we are not very good at chasing down a decent target. Interestingly, our most economical bowler is Procter (5 runs per over), followed by the four slow bowlers.

Plusses from tonight were the batting of Levi, Rossington and Zaib (the latter has really had a good season) and the fact that the Bears lost, so we're still level on points.

I'd like to see Thurston in the team (as I've said from the start, I think it was insane to leave out the player in form) and Hutton/Jack White/Muzarabani given a chance (they've got very little to beat) but I half suspect they've all been told they won't be needed until next year, so are probably all now short of fitness. Based on those who've played T20 this year, I'd replace Wakely with Sole or Procter.

Since starting this comment, I've seen Den's above. Yes they dropped Sole and also Procter. Team selection seems in some cases to be based on perception or reputation rather than performance. I too worry.
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