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By onemorerun
Looks like four changes for the latest 'match'.

Out - Gay, Procter, Sanderson, Glover.

In - Wakely, Levi, Zaib, White.

I think it's pretty clear we're using this competition almost entirely for training purposes ready for the T20 in a couple of weeks.
By Shortlegs
Ripley made it clear from the outset that he'd be rotating players. Personally I think it's a good idea, as there was never a real chance of us winning this competition and it means that those with something to prove can be given a real chance.

Talking of which, it's nice to see Zaib being given a really good bowl in this match and picking up wickets too. I hope he'lll get at least one more extensive bowl in this comp, so a judgement on him as a red ball all-rounder can be made. Muzarabani has bowled well too, although the fact that he'd have to be an overseas rather than a Kolpak player next year, will mean he'll probably have to do something really special to win a contract.
By Den Buckett
We can't blame inexperience for this latest performance. Our batting line-up was close to what we would be picking for a proper championship match. It has been clear for many years that a lot of these batsmen are not up to it but we persist with Keogh, Wakely and Levi. Vasco has shown enough promise to keep his place, but the continued lack of runs for Curran is also becoming a problem. I dread to think how these batters would get on facing a full season of div 1 bowling attacks! We certainly need an overseas batsman and we must look for some experience from other counties too.
By rwjc22
Totally agree Den. Our top order just isn't performing. They persist with Wakely, Keogh (at least he can bowl) and Levi. None of them have performed in recent years, we might as well play all youngsters, at least Thurston has had a couple of decent innings. It's really worrying for next season I think. Bowling looks ok which is a positive.

Obviously Newton never fitted in as he was a much better bat than the 3 I mentioned above.
By Shortlegs
Watched the stream yesterday afternoon and frankly our batting was (and is) poor. I've already stated my opinions in this forum about our batting line-up (similar to those above), but the disappointing thing yesterday was that with a sensible attacking approach yesterday, as shown by Curran and Vasconcelos, we could have won the game, as the wicket was getting easier.

There were poor shots from Wakely and Zaib and a dodgy LBW in Vasconcelos' case, but even at six down, Rossington and Berg looked capable of nicking a win or playing out for a draw. Unfortunately, Rossington, having played some great shots and got on top of the bowling, decided to go after every single ball and had already got lucky a couple of times before he was out. It actually looked like he just wanted the game to end as soon as possible. Once he was out, it was game over, but we made it much easier for Worcestershre than it should have been. Strange really, given Rossington's admirable patience and resistance against Warwickshire.
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