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By Shortlegs
onemorerun wrote: Sun Aug 09, 2020 7:11 pm
Bucksman wrote: Sun Aug 09, 2020 6:38 pm Keogh ... the side's only 'experienced' spinner.
Shouldn't the quotation marks have been around the word "spinner"?

Very few of our players seem good enough, or potentially good enough, for Division One. Vasconcelos, Rossington and Sanderson definitely. Possibly Thurston, Buck, Hutton and Glover. Less sure about anyone else. The seam department is ok, but if you've only got two or three average Division One standard batsmen, you will struggle.
I agree with this, although I still have hope for Curran as a batsman. But even if he does come good, we are very light in the red-ball batting department as is already being shown. I said after last season we needed to sign 2 quality red ball batsman and the club didn't appear to try to do so, even before COVID. Our current batting line-up isn't close to being good enough. None of Keogh, Wakely, Cobb or Levi have scored runs consistently enough at Div 2 level, so why would they be options for Div 1?

The problem may be that we have too many one day batsmen under contract who don't cut it in the 4-day game, but we seem to use them as back-up for red ball cricket so as not to have to contract too many players. If we're serious about holding our own in Div 1 next year, we've either got to add red-ball specialist batsmen (Holden, Libby and Hameed could all have been useful additions in recent years) or find batsmen like Rossington, who are good enough for all formats.

Fortunately this year is going to count for nothing, but is giving all our players and particularly our youngsters good experience against first division opposition, which I think is the right thing to do. However, so far, the unsurprising conclusion is that we're much better prepared as a bowling than a batting unit.
By Shortlegs
By the way, I think Procter will be a useful Div 1 player too.
By onemorerun
I agree with every word. There has been a definite policy for about 8 years to focus on white ball cricket, and in T20 at least, you can't argue with the results. Many other counties would have been glad to have picked up two trophies.

But it is undoubtedly the case that for championship matches, the batting cupboard is pretty bare, made worse this year by not having an overseas player. Newton being released hasn't helped.

I agree Curran might make it in Division One, but it's early days. We can name a few of our players were going to be stars of the future but never fulfilled their potential.

Also Procter - I nearly gave him a positive comment (as of now, he is top of the averages, leading run scorer, and has I think hit our only six of the season). But I'm not sure what his role is. They don't seem to think he's a top order batsman or a front line bowler. Same could be said of Cobb.

As an aside, I do think Captain Rossington needs to stop hiding at number seven! He's too good for that.
By Bucksman
Sound thoughts both!

I, too, have hopes that Curran will make the grade, but we are seeing him taking time to settle in as opener and, perhaps, to feel comfortable as a key part of the team.

In the current circumstances, we really need the likes of Keogh to step up and set an example to the youngsters although, with a career average of under 30, it is impossible to see him in the frame now as a credible Division One candidate.

Presumably, Rob Newton is no longer in the picture, his release being announced in early June, but is supposedly under contract until the end of the season. He most likely wouldn't want to play, anyway, having been shown the door - but then he could never stay fit for any length of time.

I also think Proctor, maybe taking his maturity and Lancashire background into account, could have a future at the top level. Should the batting continue in its current fashion, Rossington, hopefully, will see the light and feel obliged to take responsibility up the order!
By onemorerun
Northamptonshire have signed Simon Kerrigan on a two-year deal. Glad they've addressed the need for a spinner, although he didn't set the world on fire when on loan with us a few years ago. Fingers crossed.
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