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By Bucksman
"Ripley takes new approach to selections" - squad player selection and certainly not the strongest looking side on paper.

https://nccc.co.uk/news/ripley-takes-ne ... elections/

68-3 at lunch, having been put in.

Does the away side still have the option of bowling first? Presumably, if both captains want to field, there has to be a toss... never been quite sure about this condition!
By onemorerun
I understand that we voted not to have this competition at all, and I read Ripley's comments as basically saying "we think it's a waste of time so we'll use it to try out some squad players, and then we'll know our best team for the T20".

That said, we're 87-7 after being put in, so it's a good job it's not a real competition.
By Bucksman
Stone prevails, inevitably!

Yes, according to Cricinfo, the chairmen's vote was far from unanimous - unconfirmed reports suggests it finished 11-7 - but most clubs appear happy to go with the majority decision... or words to that effect.

I imagine it can be safely assumed we opted for a 50-over competition instead of what has transpired, no doubt reasoning our general prospects for success would have been better in the one-day format. Perhaps we shall see the benefits, though, in the longer term!
By onemorerun
The other thing I read somewhere was that we didn't want to have to spend money on hotel accommodation. At least we've only got two away matches and one is in Birmingham (would they even stay away for that?)

On the field, only one wicket in the morning session. One fear I had, even over the winter, was that we would struggle to take wickets in Division One, another was that most of our batsmen simply aren't good enough for the top flight. We may have seen that already in this match, although I guess fitness has got to be an issue.

Unless things pick up in the rest of this competition, I believe a priority for the winter must be get even a half decent spinner (and yes, I know that's easier said than done). I'm afraid Keogh, despite many fine qualities, really shouldn't be tasked with being the primary spinner at this level. Last year he took 13 wickets @ 62, and a strike rate of 104, or a wicket every 17.33 overs. As always, I hope he now runs through the opposition and proves me wrong.
By Bucksman
120 overs up. At least the bowlers stuck at it, with respectable economy, but it was never going to be easy. Someone like Bresnan has nothing to lose at his time of life and, of course, Stone was then able to enjoy himself with the bat!

Yes, our lack of spin options is being exposed yet again (Zaib has posed very little in the way of threat - when given the opportunity, that is), but on these unused pitches life could prove even tougher than normal for the spinners in August.
By Bucksman
This is all about saving the game... disappointing that Curran was unable to go on to that first major score.
By Bucksman
Regrettably, we see established bats unable to settle in again after an interval. Miserable game, too, for Zaib. Time for the skipper to make an impression!
By onemorerun
In case you thought you were talking to yourself, Bucksman, I have been reading if not replying!

Century partnership for the sixth wicket. Rossington was our highest run scorer in the championship last year (787 runs v Vasconcelos 750 - Rossington had one more innings). Should he really be coming in at number seven?

It's been so long since we saw them, that it's difficult to remember who some of them are! My recollection is that Thurston looked good when he first played, but had a bit of a write-off last year.

Unfortunate for Zaib. I'd like to see him given a chance, but despite his two ducks, what concerns me more is that Rossington plainly didn't trust him to bowl. He bowled over number 38, then vanished until overs 88 and 90. He's got a contract until end of next season, but I'm not sure what his role is meant to be.

Missing from this match were Cobb, Berg (injured), Glover, Hutton (injured), Levi, Muzarabani, Sole, Wakely and Graeme White. If Hutton's still injured, I think I'd like to see Muzarabani come in, at the expense, I'm afraid, of Zaib or possibly Procter.
By Bucksman
Rossington, as keeper, maybe feels more comfortable down at seven but, with this particular upper order, a rethink could prove necessary. Good to see a significant innings by Thurston, a busy-looking type of player, when I've seem him, but whose loose technique has tended to find him out.

Zaib seems to be in a kind of no man's land, neither really batsman nor bowler, but can be quite useful at both on his day. I'm not sure if the team management know either what his most effective role and position in the order might be, but would hope he can be persevered with in finding his niche.

Muzarabani (I'd almost forgotten about him, following just his two early appearances last year) and Glover, a bowler of real pace and promise, by all accounts, will hopefully be able to provide some genuine cutting edge at some point soon.
By Bucksman
Spirited riposte, this! Well batted, skipper, and positive support from Proctor too... the hosts are clearly missing the threat of Stone. The pitch would appear to be playing well, but we now have a realistic chance of a win.
By Bucksman
onemorerun wrote: Mon Aug 03, 2020 5:25 pm
If Hutton's still injured, I think I'd like to see Muzarabani come in, at the expense, I'm afraid, of Zaib or possibly tProcter.
Hmm... I would imagine now that Proctor's name will be set in, ahem, stone! A declaration after his ton?
By onemorerun
Brilliant! Over 350 runs for the loss of just one wicket. When (if ever) did two Northamptonshire batsmen bat through a whole day? Somebody like Andrew Radd needs to look that up!

Yes, you can't drop Procter now. I'm all for giving Zaib a chance, but I don't see who else can make way for another quick bowler, if we want to bring one in, which I think we do.
By Bucksman
Four runs away from three century makers in the innings, a superb rearguard action in the circumstances. Yes, it is difficult to see Zaib keeping his place, but he is well accustomed to being left out after one game, anyway, I imagine.

This has proved a highly entertaining first round of matches, ours being the only draw, so things are nicely set up for the visit of Somerset.

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