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By Shortlegs
It's great to see we've just signed another promising fast bowler and we really look to have some strength in the pace bowling department for 2020.

This, however is in sharp contrast to our batting line-up. As far as I know we haven't signed a single batsman since last Summer. Ashraf is an all-rounder, so I don't count him. The thing is that we relied heavily on our pace bowling attack to get promoted, but ironically it is that area we seem to have reinforced the most, whereas our oft-proven fragile batting line-up is yet to be strengthened. None of Levi, Keogh, Wakely, Cobb or Newton pulled up any trees in Division 2, so it seems very risky to be expecting them to do so in division 1.

I just hope to see at least one and preferably two proven specialist batsmen added to the squad and then I think we could look forward to the 2020 season with real confidence.

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