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By onemorerun
The BBC report says he played for us from 2004 to 2007, but I don't remember him. Having checked old yearbooks I think he played for the seconds, but not, it would seem, to any great extent.

His record this year for Hants is 5 matches, 79 runs at an average of 9.87, and 9 wickets at an average of 40.11. He really is 38 years old. His Northants contract runs to the end of the 2021 season, by which time he will be almost 41. "He's a good egg" says Ripley on the NCCC site.

Of course we hope it works out, but really, what does it say to our young players who can't get a game?
By Nick14
A two year contract for a 38 year old (39 in January..) who couldn't get a game for us a decade or more ago? Good luck to him but seems an odd use of money to me. Surely better to invest in younger players?

We have had a very poor one day season - only winning when it didn't matter and playing poorly countless times. All the loan signings and lots of different overseas players etc has meant it was hard, for me at least, to feel that connection with the players and the team that binds supporters and club. This signing doesn't fill me with much hope.
By rwjc22
I'm sure he's a good man but what does he bring to the team that Procter can't offer? As said on this thread before what does it say to the younger players.

Saif will probably get released after been given the odd game now and again. But Berg is straight in.

And what a rubbish first change if we get promoted, Berg and Procter. Div 1 batsmen will make mince meat out of them. Although Buck and Blessing are decent to come in I suppose.

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