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By Den Buckett
Good first day for us. Now can the batsmen give us a decent first innings lead tomorrow?
By onemorerun
And so far a good second day with two centuries and a big lead. Can we get Pretorius to stay for the rest of the season? Any news on Buck's injury?

Hutton's performance reminded me that when he moved from Notts, he said it was because he wanted to play in all forms of the game, but we've completely ignored him in the T20. Now we're effectively out of T20, I hope we rest Sanderson and give Zaib a game, presumably in place of White. Also Thurston, who was played out of position then discarded after two games.
By Den Buckett
22 points gained from a dominant performance.

We are strongly in contention for the 2nd/3rd spots.
By Vee
Well done lads - you thrashed them!
Let’s hope the rain stays away so we can win the rest!
By Shortlegs
Very good result and great to see a real team effort with so many contributors to the win with bat and ball. Let's hope the momentum spills over to the rest of the T20 campaign.
By Bucksman
This game proved a welcome relief from the relentless diet of T20.

Yes, an excellent win, marred slightly by the apparent refusal of Saif Zaib and Brett Hutton to even attempt to secure a straightforward fourth batting point, which could easily have been achieved with overs to spare.

It can only be hoped that such negativity does not prove overly costly at the end of the campaign!
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