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By Den Buckett
Our name may be linked to this team, but apart from making some money from it, I don't think we will have much involvement. There was talk that Ripley could be the coach, but it turns out they have just selected random overseas coaches. Not certain if any of our players will be involved. More certain is that few of our supporters will be travelling to watch this team!..not sure they want us anyway as they are looking for a new audience.
By Den Buckett
I hear that we only had Rossington chosen & he was probably just a token selection for the London team that are supposed to be connected to us.
We must have a good chance in the 50 over competition given that so many other counties will have lost many players.
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By Bucksman
Not having any details of the fixtures for 2020, the key issue for us is that the skipper is available for our Championship games, should these coincide with the new razzmatazz.

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