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By Bucksman
Oh dear! It's probably no more than could be expected in the circumstances, with a seam attack clearly not geared to the one-day format, playing Bancroft into form in the process. Our batting line-up looks pretty weak too, but we can only hope!
By onemorerun
Yes, bowlers with the best figures under-used. Not unusual for Wakeley's captaincy, although of course it might be that they were just bowling at the 'right' time.

No place in the team for Vasconcelos or Curran, both in good form recently. Anyone know if the former is injured?
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By Bucksman
I don't know about Curran, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was felt that Vasconcelos's natural game is unsuited to limited overs!
By onemorerun
Possible, but Vasconcelos outscored Newton easily at Cardiff, yet Newton is playing today.

61-3 now. Doesn't look good! Time for Holder to earn his money.
By onemorerun
onemorerun wrote: Wed Apr 17, 2019 4:09 pm Possible, but Vasconcelos outscored Newton easily at Cardiff, yet Newton is playing today.

61-3 now. Doesn't look good! Time for Holder to earn his money.
He did; others didn't.

Thrashed by 72 runs, against one of the supposedly weaker teams. Really not good.
By Den Buckett
Not unexpected, we didn't make the required changes in the winter and are continuing with those who didn't perform last season.
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By Bucksman
Where are our century makers? Effectively, we get skittled by a couple of military medium right armers, but our main four go for 7 runs an over! Prospects wouldn't appear to look that bright at the outset.
By onemorerun
I'm afraid we look as chaotic as ever. One opener, Levi, had been left out of the championship match, so missed out on that bit of batting practice. The other, Cobb, isn't an opener. Newton, who is an opener, came in at three. Rossington, who opens in T20, was at 5. Keogh at 7?

And yes, can none of our bowlers keep it under 7 an over?
By Den Buckett
Way off the pace again at Derby as we plough on with the same players, many of whom rarely contribute. On a positive note an excellent day for Procter.
By Shortlegs
Let's hope for better today. We've been poor so far.

I don't see what Keogh brings to the one day side. Few runs, not a quick scoreer and lack of threat with the ball. Isn't Graeme White supposed to be a one-day specialist spinner? Hardly ever seems to get a game these days. Cobb has also proved quite economical over the years as a spinner. Newton also a bit unlucky to be dropped having got a snorter against Durham and then run out at Derby.

Fingers crossed for today.
By Den Buckett
A surprisingly easy win against a very weak looking Warwickshire side - we wait to see if we have turned a corner.
By Nick14
The win over Warks was a good one, but overall I am not convinced this season. All the usual words from Wakes and Ripley but no real evidence of it on the pitch. Odd decisions - Cobb being picked in the four days - Curran not getting a look in etc - and the bowling looking pretty exposed and lacking any depth. We have no spin of any quality either. We have played 5 games - drawn two champ games, and lost two and won one 50 over game. And that with Holder, one of the the best all rounders in the world, playing every game. What will we do for pace attack when he leaves?? Let;s see how we go against Lance today. I see Cobb is already out - and Buck not playing either - Zaib instead. If we win today then we may have more confidence in some improvement.
By Nick14
Levi out too. 25-2. In the first four one day games Levi has 94 (ave 23.5) runs and Cobb has 19 (ave 4.75).
By onemorerun
This thread could do with a new title - "50 Overs - latest match" or something. Can the administrator do that?

Today v Lancs. Zaib replaces Buck. Cobb persevered with as opener, out for 4 to follow previous scores of 12, 3 and 0. Four innings, 19 runs, average 4.75. I like Cobb in his proper role (Leicester readers will note the pun!), but does anyone outside the club think he's a 50-over opener?

I agree with all of Nick's comments above. This is Holder's penultimate match, and we have nothing like a replacement.

38-3 off 9 overs now, Levi, Cobb and Wakely out.
By onemorerun
Any reason why Holder not bowling, when 6 other bowlers tried and Lancashire strolling to an easy win?

Maybe we've agreed with West Indies not to over-bowl him (or it might be that Wakeley's forgotten he's there - he seems to regularly forget someone or other!)
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