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By Nick14
Hi all,

Not sure how active this place is these days – and I haven’t been around for a while, but it would be interesting to see views on the new season.

A few changes – a few players gone of course, Duckett, Gleeson, Rory – and some new players in – including overseas players a plenty, and, slightly oddly I thought, Luke Wood signed on load a few days ago. Is Hutton not fit? Because with Sanderson, Buck, Hutton, Blessing, Holder – I thought we were pretty well covered for the start of the season.

Anyway – a decent workout against the Durham students last week – tons for Newton and Cobb and useful runs for Curran, Keogh. Worrying the Levi and Rossington didn’t score, especially the latter as he seems nailed on to be the keeper. Wickets all round too for Sando, Blessing, Buck, Procter and Keogh.

So we start tomorrow against Middlesex. Holder has arrived so should play – and I presume Wood will play too. So maybe something like: Newton, Curran, Vasconcelos, Wakes, Keogh, Holder, Rossington, Wood, Hutton/Blessing, Buck, Sando?

I presume Cobb will mainly be seen as a one day player – ditto Levi.

I was very pleased to see the whole fat lad culture exposed for what it was/is by Wakely in recent interviews. Good to read new emphasis on fitness, professionalism and a winning attitude. Whether that transposes to the pitch and results we shall see. I sure hope so.

I see Newton is VC for the champ and Cobb for one dayers too.

Good luck to the team.
By Nick14
Team we went for is:

Robert Newton
Ricardo Vasconcelos
Alex Wakely(c)
Josh Cobb
Rob Keogh
Adam Rossington(wk)
Jason Holder
Luke Procter
Luke Wood
Nathan Buck
Ben Sanderson

I am a bit dissapointed to see Cobb playing over Curran when he has a poor 4 day scoring record - and Proctor plays rather than Blessing (Hutton is injured and Cotton has been given the bum's rush).

We are batting first so let's hope we can banish all those memories of so many dreadful batting performances from last year. I want to see runs from Cobb, Wakely and Keogh in particular. That is the core of the middle order and all were woeful last year.
By Nick14
I guess this has answered my question about how active this borard is!! No-one here but me - Cobb out for 9. Hard to see why we picked him when his record in 4 dayers is pretyt poor. A regular underachiever. And he played in place of Curran. Odd.

Meanwhile, we are 95-3. Wakes on 30 - promising but he needs to push on. Middlesex have a good attack so if we can get to around 300 we will be in the game.
By onemorerun
No Nick, you're not alone,! And your comments are appreciated.

Seems like Muzarabani couldn't get in the team - odd for a test player, from whatever country. Doubly odd if he's left out for someone on loan
By Den Buckett
onemorerun wrote: Fri Apr 05, 2019 4:44 pm No Nick, you're not alone,! And your comments are appreciated.

Seems like Muzarabani couldn't get in the team - odd for a test player, from whatever country. Doubly odd if he's left out for someone on loan
I think when we went for the loan bowler it was obvious he wasn't going to play. Maybe they want line and length bowlers in these early matches rather than somebody who could be eratic? Possibly he is not ready yet or maybe wont be used much in the Championship?
By Nick14
Hello! Good to not be alone - but it does seem very quiet round here...

So - game looks to be heading to a draw - dissapointing after such a good first two days.

Still, plenty of positives. The main one for me is the batting - so woeful last year, we finally showed real determination to bat long for a day and a half and to get up to 445. I still think Cobb was the wrong call - I would have liked to see Curran in his place - and I hope that happens in future games. But that aside, we bat very deep, and several batters really knuckled down - and good to see Wakes and Rossington - two who struggled last year, do well. The attack looked good on day two as well - all bowling well and getting wickets. But the game changed yesterday and Middlesex found thier feet batting wise and we started to labour with the ball. As I type they are about to take the lead with 7 wickets in hand - but I don't think there is time left for us to lose. If we did it would be a real kick in the teeth.

Holder has done ok - 40 with the bat - a couple of wicets in the first innings - but struggled in the second so far.

A draw would see plenty to build on.
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By Bucksman
Indeed, a draw was always the likely outcome (with even some silly bowling at the end to boost Middx's over rate.) The inclusion of left armer Wood provided the attack with some variation, following the visitors' diet of virtually continuous right arm seam.

At least this was an improvement on last year when we lost after enforcing the follow-on!
By Shortlegs
Solid start to the season I think. Disappointing that we couldn't maintain the momentum of the first two days but we batted well and got ourselves into a good position. Congratulations to Buck too on an 8 wicket haul. Perhaps Blessing didn't play because Holder was playing (and obviously should play)? Don't know how many overseas we're allowed in the CC.

I imagine Cobb got picked based on his ton in the University game. I agree that Curran deserves a chance but on last year's form you could have argued for his inclusion being in place of Wakely, Cobb or Keogh. Still think Levi is good enough for CC, but can't blame Rips for leaving him out based on last year.
By Nick14
Blessing is not an overseas player in that sense - he doesn't count as one. So he could have played as well as Holder. I was pleased to see Levi absent from the side.
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