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By Shortlegs
Is retiring at the end of the season. The right decision I think, but he deserves thanks for his contribution over the years. A key part of our one-day team and success in recent years and on his day a great batsman to watch. Thanks for the memories and good luck!
By Nick14
Yes - agreed - thanks Steven and good luck. Changes keep coming - Duckett, Gleeson, Rory and Crooky all gone now. I woul dbe happy to see a few more go - Levi and Cobb should only play one day games and be contracted as such if the club wants/has to keep them. Build around Newton, Curran, Ricardo, Hutton, Sanderson.
By onemorerun
I agree on Levi and Cobb, although they still have time to run on their existing contracts, so I don't expect any changes there for a year. They both clearly have talent, is it a coaching issue?

On the whole, I can't see any of the contracted players leaving (except White?)
By Nick14
No, sadly you will be right. Levi - I mean, Jesus - he has played 20 champ innings this season - and made 2 fifties and a top score of 75. Pretty pathetic. Cobb played ten innings and made a top score of 30.

On the plus side - Cotton seems promising - and Sando and Hutton have, so far, taken 95 champ wickets between them. With Buck in the mix too that is 4 good seamers. We need to add some depth and a spinner - at least one - but the champ bowling looks ok. Champ batting has been woeful for years....but if Newton could stay fit then maybe a top five of Newton, Curran, Ricardo, Wakeley and Rossington would do ok in Div 2. We badly need to add to that though. Ironically, it is the one day sides that now looks most exposed.....most of those who have left excelled in those fomats - Duckett, Gleeson, Rory - even Crooky. In T20 who will bowl in such a way that we won't be chasing 200 plus every game?

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