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By onemorerun
onemorerun wrote: Wed Aug 01, 2018 4:03 pm We're effectively out of this competition, so can we just go out and entertain? Which doesn't mean five dot balls and a scratchy single off the first over.
Well I got that right!

Another game, another humiliating slaughter. A 75 run defeat in T20 must equate to losing a first-class match by something like an innings and 200/300 runs.

Our overseas spinner 1-41, their overseas spinner 4-16. But Prasanna did top score!

Buck's bowling the main positive, but other than that, nothing of note. And what does Zaib have to do to get a game?
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By Bucksman
Sorry to have to pose such a question, but are we now attempting to become the most inept team in the history of T20? I haven't checked the stats, but possibly another county could have produced a similar run of form in a previous campaign!
By onemorerun
Good question, I was wondering that myself.

Tonight against Yorkshire, another defeat, but not a thrashing. Grateful for small mercies!

Top scorer the 21 year old student on his debut - well done Thurston. Gleeson again showing us what we've missed.

Commentators mentioned what has been said on this board, namely that we've come up against some great overseas players, whilst ours have been very disappointing.

Is Sanderson injured or just having a rest?
By Hyphen
Sanderson just being rested I think as in the squad. Much more of a red ball bowler. Bowled far too much line and length in the games he has played and has gone the distance!
By onemorerun
Latest defeat against Warwickshire at home. Good innings by Cobb, no support whatsoever.

A few dropped catches.

Bowling - the club site reports it as a "positive" that "none of the Steelbacks bowlers went for more than 12 an over". Says it all.
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By Bucksman
onemorerun wrote: Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:11 am Bowling - the club site reports it as a "positive" that "none of the Steelbacks bowlers went for more than 12 an over". Says it all.

Quite so! I would think that, finally, it has been established that Sanderson, despite his red ball qualities, is not a T20 bowler. What, though, has happened to Kleinveldt - is he injured or just not interested in playing these days?

But crikey, Cobby, where did that innings come from? It's perhaps difficult to place it in any meaningful context now, but well batted after a dreadful run hitherto... just a pity about the support!
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By Bucksman
Finally! I suppose things had to go right on the day at some point... nice to see Cobb, at least, find a semblance of consistency with the bat, but just a little late in the day to have any immediate relevance. I wonder, can we prevail in the final three games?
By onemorerun
Yes, at last! When you see (or at least hear) them playing like this, you wonder how they managed to get into this position. Bucksman and I said ages ago they weren't as bad as they seemed.

Good to see younger players in the team, planning for next year. Cobb showing why we recruited him, scoring I think only the fourth Northants t20 century (after Klusener, Levi and Willey). Still not convinced about the reverse sweep or slog - Duckett out to it again. Others would say it brings him a lot of runs, but my impression is that he gets out a lot playing it. Curran also out playing similar shot. Kleinveldt more fired up - maybe stung by suggestions that this will be his last year with us. Prasanna probably a lovely bloke and a very good player, but he's really not done much - 7 for 358 at 9.18 runs per over.

15 man squad announced for tonight - basically everyone who's played this year apart from the injured Levi. How can Zaib not even be in the squad? Anyone know?
By onemorerun
Again, we lost, but not embarrassing and having a first-choice team (notably Rossington and/or Levi) might have made the difference. Top order left too much to do for Prasanna etc. Duckett opened the innings and was out for 40 in the 14th over, which wasn't really what was needed.

One match to go - can we win at home this year?

At tea in the second xi match, Vasconcelos is 50 not out in a score of 104-8. He seems to be the best of the bunch. Four wickets for Zaib, 5 for Tom Sole.
By onemorerun
Squad of 13 announced for Yorks match.

Wakely, Cobb, Crook, Duckett, Gleeson, Hutton, Prasanna, Procter, Sanderson, Sole, Thurston, Wade, White.

So no Curran, Vasconcelos, Levi, Kleinveldt or Buck. And of course, no Zaib, the forgotten man. He played 5 T20s last year and none this, despite us losing almost every match. He's clearly not injured, as playing regularly (and doing better than most) in the Second XI.

If I supported Yorkshire's opponents for the qualifying place (Notts/Birmingham) I would be thinking Northants weren't taking the game seriously.
By Hyphen
So Curran, Thurston, Sole and Wade all to play tonight against Leics....should all have been in the team much earlier in my opinion. No mention of Zaib though which is strange. He was tipped as the next big thing to come through the academy. Seen as more of a red ball player now I presume. Hope Ben Cotton gets a go as well instead of Ben ‘spray cannon’ Sanderson.

Appears Duckett and Gleason both off. Kleinveldt to be released and Levi may walk away from last year of contract from what I have heard! Zimbabwean media reporting Blessing Muzarabani signed for 3 years on a Kolpak and linked with Shiv Thakor. Squad overhaul required!
By Hyphen
Last night was embarrassing again although most embarrasing moment has to go to Prasanna standing there after being bowled thinking it was a free hit when it wasn’t!
By onemorerun
Hyphen, I echo your views entirely. Embarrassing, in common with most matches this year. And how can Zaib not be in the squad. Interesting news about leavers and the possible be joiner.
By onemorerun
Wade makes his debut and after 1 legitimate ball is removed from the attack for bowling two beamers. 0.1 overs, 9 runs, economy rate 54 runs per over.

Rob Keogh saying it was nerves but it just sums up this year. Constantly finding new ways to embarrass themselves. These people are supposed to be professionals.

Back in Victorian times, there was actually a touring team of Clown Cricketers. Maybe that's our new plan.

Or maybe this will be the low point and we'll race to a convincing win. Leicester also playing a weakened team, so not impossible.
By Hyphen
Feel so sorry for Wadey, horrendous time with injuries over the last 2 seasons, finally gets a game and nerves get the better of him. Great to see Curran and Sole doing well.

Rips has come out and said that Northants talking to Blessing but hasn’t signed yet!
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