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By Bucksman
Typically, no time wasted in making his mark in ODIs with a positive 60.  Pity it was LBW to a full toss, but highly promising!
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By Bucksman
Not so good second time... old-style loss of batting composure, generally!
By Iron Mike
Another half century in the warm up match.
Nice to see Duckett doing well for the national side...will surely play in the test series. Perhaps he will have a run in the side then see how he gets on at start of next summer when it all starts again.
I'm not a betting man but Northants surely among favourites to
get out of d2 next summer.
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By abington1
Another half century for the lad. Brilliant. I note he has retired hurt. Wonder if this is the "retired" as opposed to "retired hurt" might be precautionary or tactically, dont want him injured before his big chance on Thursday
By Ironside
Poor analysis from Agnew and another reason for no longer listening to BBC commentary.  The addition of lady commentators to provide (politically correct) balance rather than objectivity and the bumbling buffoon Blofeldt drove me away a long time ago
Fortunately most other commentators seem to be suggesting that Ben will either open or replace Ballance.
As the consensus seems to be that there is a need to score before the spinners come on, the logical approach would surely be for Ben to open.  Cook and Hameed together could be the most turgid opening partnership in cricket history.
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By Bucksman
Cook and Hameed together could be the most turgid opening partnership in cricket history.
Seems the selectors agreed!  At least Ben made double figures before falling to a debutant teenaged offie on a first morning pitch!  A likely sign of things to come, I suppose...
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By Bucksman
Indeed, he displayed the right attitude in the circumstances and, all right, he was dropped at slip (trying not to think too much about his own howler!), but his only real mistake was getting out when he did, effectively triggering the desperate procession that followed.  There is no reason at all why he shouldn't continue as opener in India!

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