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By Den Buckett
A good first day with 5 wickets for Parnell helping to bowl Yorkshire out for just over 200. Our batting looks thin for this match but a good start at 36 - 0.
By Countyman
Certainly an encouraging start with only Bess lower down the order holding up proceedings to any great extent. The same top six as the previous game, but with Vasconcelos in charge we may see a different approach.
By Countyman
Oh dear, we're soon back to normal service... 4 go down for 5 runs. Will we ever see a consistently competitive side?
By Countyman
Well played Zaib and Taylor to restore parity, but it required one of them at least to go on to the second batting point and more. The bowlers now need to maintain pressure in the home second innings.
By Countyman
It seems to be written in the stars! The inevitable tail end resistance sees the lead stretching towards 200... not the guaranteed way to win matches.
By onemorerun
Curran now averaging under 19 for the season, below most of the bowlers. Apparently David Ripley really wanted a Curran/Vasconcelos opening partnership, but it's not working.

Thurston also in no sort of form - averaging under 10. We're effectively giving opponents a couple of wickets start every time.
By onemorerun
Agonising one run defeat, though if Yorkshire had lost, they'd have been blaming dropped catches. Looking back, we'll think we should have won this comfortably. The most obvious reasons why we didn't were (1) allowing 98 for the last two Yorkshire wickets and (2) the fact that while Vasconcelos got 88 in the two innings, the rest of the top five scored 74 (average individual innings 9.25).

I'd be more worried about the latter. Our batting order in this match looked seriously weak from the start, and because of that, I cant say I was that impressed by Yorkshire.

From what we've seen so far, Lancashire are the best team in our group by a mile.
By Countyman
So Northants! It stirs memories of those excruciating Lord's one-day final defeats during the Cook era of the 1980s. What a give-away!

It has to be said that this was a great opportunity against an average side frittered away, tamely allowing the opposition recovery, followed by an unsurprisingly timid top order response to the pursuit (Vasconcelos excepted), with all the pressure placed on the lower order. We saw the later batsmen getting starts, but none with quite the nerve nor resilience to see the job through.

It's difficult to see what changes could be made and the real test of character will be how they react to this result in the games to come.

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