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By onemorerun
When Hutton joined us, turning down a contract extension from Notts, he said he wanted to be a regular in all formats of the game. That obviously hasn't happened, maybe he thinks a third county will give him that.

Muzarabani is a bit unfortunate, but obviously he hasn't done anywhere near enough to be considered as an overseas signing (I recall he had a major injury soon after joining us).

From the press release, it sounds as though Sole still hasn't been cleared to bowl (no-one mentioned this during the T20; I was wondering why he never got a bowl). If that's true, he's basically a specialist number 7 or 8 batsman, a luxury we can't afford.

Good news is a two year contract for Jack White.
By Shortlegs
Shame about Sole, as he could have become a major asset if he were able to bowl, but understandable given the present situation and the emergence of Zaib in a similar role this year.

Hutton has gone back to Notts, which is something I find harder to understand. Possibly 2nd division cricket (if 2019 standings are respected when the CC eventually gets back to normal) and I don't see him in Notts one-day side, but there you go. He was an excellent red ball bowler for us and we'll miss his contributions in that format.
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