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Hi guys,

I'm a journalist from The Cricketer and I've been doing this on other pages on the site. Essentially, I'm writing a ground guide for each stadium hosting matches during the upcoming World Cup.

I was hoping if the those who regularly frequent Old Trafford might be able to provide some info on where to eat and drink around the ground.

By davee
Across the road from the front of the ground is the Town Hall where there is the 'Staff Canteen' which is open to the public, this is popular with both Football & Cricket fans alike and does various special offer such 'Pie & a Pint' for £5. A little further is Tesco which has a small Cafe plus the usual takeaway sandwich deals. Across the road towards 'The Other Place' there's a row of Shops selling various takeaway products (Fish, Chips, Chicken & Pizza) and also a Wetherspoons - The Bishop Blaze.
The other direction across the Tram tracks a 5 minute walk away is another row of shops with a couple of take aways a small cafe and a pub - The Quadrent.

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