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We are pleased to announce that our fanzine's second issue 'not The Spin' will be available from Monday for just £2 & 69p postage and packing. Our launch edition has been well received and we have now sold 450 copies, a figure which has exceeded all expectations. (We still have 4 or 5 left if anybody would like a copy).

Included in our new edition are articles on :

AGM debacle as meeting is cut short.
Fanzine contributors are banned from Old Trafford.
Twitter sensation Fred Boycott describes his dismay at facilities at Old Trafford.
Esteemed writer Roy Cavanagh MBE starts a new regular column and discusses how it used to feel like a privilege to be a Member.
Report on how Membership figures have collapsed.
Are the green shirts jinxed?
Mike Holdsworth explains why he quit the MRG.
Club Director meets with fanzine executive editor to confirm no more fanzine writers will be banned.
Early season verdict : Must do batter!

If you would like a copy (and why wouldn't you!!!) then please send £2.69 via direct banking to : Not The Spin, Sort Code 09-01-29, Account number - 24036504. Alternatively, you can also pay through paypal or even send a cheque. Please email us at lancsactiongroup@yahoo.com for more details or if you wish to receive our newsletter.

We will also be selling the new fanzine at Worcester next week, then Old Trafford for the 1 day International England v Australia and the County game v Hampshire starting the following day from the 25th of June onwards as well as at second team games whenever possible.

We still also have some 'not The Spin' polo shirts available in black or blue and they are priced at just £15 & £1.50 p&p.

If anybody is interested in helping us to sell the fanzine, contribute to future issues or just fancy a chat then please email us. You can also follow us on twitter at @lancscccaction, and on facebook at Lancashire Cricket Action Group.


Ian Lomax
Iron Mike wrote:Hats off to you. I'll have one. Will be in touch.
Great to hear another fanzine in county cricket. Is the one at Essex still going?
I know some Essex fans so will ask them but I very much doubt it is as I'm sure they would have mentioned it to me.

Thank you just email us at lancsactiongroup@yahoo.com for payment details.

Ian Lomax
The recent Members Forum was cut short, an announcement given that they would only accept questions about 'onfield activities' then it was restricted to 6 questions mostly from stooges planted in the audience.
Time to have a clear out of the Management, Board, Coaching & Playing Staff, the Structure of the Club isn't working and Playing & Coaching Staff are too bloated, youngsters are not coming through they are restricted by old timers (some not too old) hanging on. when they are clearly either passed it or just not good enough.
The Club have to realise that it is a Members Club and the Members are not a nuisance that has to be barely tolerated and the not insignificant membership (the highest in the country) is an prepaid income stream, they are not spongers just getting cricket on the cheap!
Is it still genuinely a Member’s Club? It seems to me that a lot of the, not huge, powers that members used to have disappeared between c2001 and c2014 whilst I wasn’t a member.

I feel more like a slightly privileged ST holder than a member. And even then only SLIGHTLY privileged.
I think you will find that most county cricket clubs especially the test grounds regard their members as another source of income ,indeed as you stated season ticket holders
Glamorgan cricket have a closed shop to join the committee
You have to go before a nominations board if you want to join the committee
And only two members can be elected to act on the committee
The rest of the committee,or board members are hand picked by the current board
By having that system it means that the elected members are there in name only and would have no say as they would be outvoted
I think there are very few counties who allow members to have a say in matters
At Glamorgan the priority is to have one day international matches and hospitality
You can see by the performance of Glamorgan on the field that the team on the field is very low on the list

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