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By Alex
Think I'd be asking them to rip up my contract if I was Parry
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By chris
Alex wrote:
Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:08 am
Think I'd be asking them to rip up my contract if I was Parry
Parry was toast half way through the T20. Although he was named in this week's squad he was never likely to play. It looks like once Chapple makes a decision that is it. Brown hasn't played championship cricket since 2016.
When they sit down and look at recruitment for 2019 the priority will be to replace Clark like for like. Presumably upping any bids already made for Chappell and Raine at Leicester.
But it will likely be recruitment for squad players only.
Hoped for Championship Team: Jennings, Davies, Hameed, Livingstone, Vilas, Bohannon, Overseas, Bailey, Onions, Parkinson, Mahmood.
T20 side: Davies, Livingstone, Lilley, Jennings, Vilas, recruit, Faulkner, overseas, Parkinson and 2 from Lamb / Lester and Mahmood.

As they clearly believe things are almost right and will be ok in division two with the t20 side already a success.
By LankyShark
With all three overseas players Australians, let’s hope Lancashire don’t remain Down Under in Div 2 for 2020.

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