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By davee
In their infinite wisdom the club have decided to award the County Championship match against Durham to Sedbergh School, whilst the playing of matches on Out Grounds is to be lauded, creating wider interest and reaching out to the youngsters this venue is not in the County - not a problem it isn't the UAE after all!
The problem with this venue it isn't easily accessible by Public Transport with limited bus links to the Scenic Settle to Carlisle but an even more limited train service 1 train there and no return the same day, also the Village has little accommodation.

Any members of Lancs or Durham reading this on here please email the Club

https://cricket.lancashirecricket.co.uk ... ontact-us/

to ask the Club to reconsider the decision and move the fixture to a more suitable venue.
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By chris
The Headmaster reckons that there will be 2,000 there each day with the biggest crowd on the Sunday. Anyone know how that compares to S&B? But how many cars would there be descending Sedbergh to bring in 2,000 spectators?

This is his interview on BBC Radio Cumbria this morning: 2 hours 18 minutes into the programme: www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p070fvl1
By davee
Funny, I seem to recall a few years ago players complaining about the lack of facilities (one was lack of airdriers in the dressing room) and Lytham got dropped from the circuit yet Allot is now defending / promoting the decision to play at Sedburgh.

Disappointing for Hemphrey to see he has been rele[…]