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By TWrex
No automatic refund for the 'lost' season, but a 25% discount offer for a 2021 renewal based on this season's prices. Junior memberships and car parking passes will be carried over though, and applications for refunds will be considered by the club confidentially on an individual basis. I am fortunate enough financially for this not to be a problem, but there will obviously those not so lucky so hopefully they can be refunded. For me it is a case of pure bad luck just as when serious illness robbed me of a couple of seasons in the early 2000's. I have the feeling that the vast majority of members throughout the country will be more than happy to take a loss to help keep their clubs afloat. Not having had much in the way of expenditure I have been quite happy to maintain subs. / make donations to organisations that cover my interests or are there to help everyone. I'm sure many others have done the same and hopefully things will be back to normal, or near normal as possible, in the not too distant future. Keep well everyone and enjoy the cricket that is being played by tv, streaming and one of favourite ways checking the scorecard updates regularly on the BBC Cricket website.
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