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By TWrex
With the prospect of going to The St. Lawrence Ground, Beckenham or Tunbridge Wells looking less likely by the day I have decided to bring the mountain to Muhammed. Today I ordered a book with the snappy little title of 'Kent County Cricket Grounds, 150 years of cricket across the garden of England.' So a few memories to be nudged when it is received.
I have read 'Stories of Cricket's Finest Painting Kent v Lancashire 1906'. Might have the shortest county name but more than making up for it when it comes to book titles. The original painting is now house at Lord's with a copy in the Canterbury pavilion. Obviously of most interest to Kent followers, and to a certain extent Lancastrians, but well worth a read for any cricket fan. The actual art side of the story makes a good tale in itself.
Just started on 'Test Match Special, diary of a season. Reliving last season in a very entertaining fashion.
Don't normally go for replica clothing but the special 150 championship shirt did catch my eye, so that is on order. Also Kent's first pyjama top from 1993, with just the word Kent across the chest, no sponsors or manufacturers logo - lovely. Even if I don't get too much wear out of them a few quid in the county coffers at this difficult times. Also a bit of VAT for the government, knocking a hole in the millions upon millions they are currently handing out. I wonder how many replica tops would need to be sold to cover that bill?
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By TWrex
The book arrived today and it is beautifully produced. One of those books not to read too quickly so the enjoyment lasts longer. I know it is not cheap but certainly looks like money well spent, so advise buying it if you can. My 150th anniversary championship shirt has also arrived , so I'll have to don that when reading the book as I would (hopefully will be) have done actually visiting the grounds in 2020. At the very least when the lockdown is over I can take a stroll up to Hesketh Park and wear it doing a tour of Dartford CC's ground to mark 30 years since Kent's last appearance there.
It was against Leicestershire in August on a very dead wicket and reputedly played a part in Jonathon Agnew's decision to retire from playing. By the way the shirt looks good too.
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