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By TWrex
Is in the middle of training to become an on call firefighter for The Kent Fire and Rescue Service to be based in his home town of Sandwich. An appropriate path for an Ashes hero, though hopefully he and his fellow brigade members can deal with any blaze before it comes to that.
He certainly qualifies as a fighter after all the flak he took during the 2005 Ashes by the Chris Read media fan club. I can only remember Nasser Hussein backing him because he felt Gerraint could stand the pressure more. Chris Read was a wonderful player but Jonesy did his bit, especially with the Edgbaston 'catch', when he didn't panic, didn't panic.
I felt that he won a lot of people over, especially on Sky, as the seasons passed and he was often praised by them, perhaps they felt a little guilty. There was nothing wrong about preferring Chris Read, but it wasn't Gerraint's fault the selectors opted for him.
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