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By greener1981
Hi all,
Worcs CCC fan here, sad to see you will not be joining us for our first ever appearance at finals day on 15th Sept, I like the way your team plays the game!
I was wondering if any members on here would be in a position to sell me 2 tickets?
Fed up of the exhorbitant prices on the secondary sales sites.
Many thanks,
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By uskexile
Hi Ben,

Try having a look on Gumtree. There are some for sale from Warwickshire fans who also didn't qualify. They're saying face value so it just depends on what category of seating you're looking for. Good luck in finding them and good luck to Worcestershire this year - they're a good side and in with a good shout of bringing the trophy home.
By greener1981
That’s great, hadn’t thought of gumtree...many thanks for your help! We’ve got a good young side, unfortunately I can see a few being picked off by the big boys! Good luck for the rest of your season and next!
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