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By gmdf
After what seems like an age when the weather in the south east has been dry and sunny (well, 5 or 6 weeks ) I was looking forward to my first T20 of the season. Even the threat that there would be rain in Canterbury in the middle of the day (a 50% chance...and, yes, it did rain) didn't put me (or, apparently KCCC says, more than 6,000 others) going along the the St Lawrence Ground to see one of the game's oldest rivalries, Kent vs Surrey.

Surrey won the toss, and chose to bat. Even though Jason Roy & Tom Curran were injured, they could afford to leave out Morne Morkel, Mark Stoneman, van Bergh & the promising Will Jacks. Kent went with probbaly their 'A' team, with Adam Milne and Carlos Brathwaite in as our overseas players.

To say Surrey started quickly would be an understatement - a short boundary, a rock hard outfield (which caused a few strange bounces and some fielding blips). Finch, mixing power with excellent placement, reached his 50 in 19 balls, Burns his (his first) in 27. There were some s***, a few edges that didn't go to hand, but no chances. The 6 over powerplay score was 87-0; the first wicket fell at the end of the 8th over when the score was 119. Qayyuum, the sixth bowler used, bowled Finch for 83 (off 38 balls) and eventually produced his best T20 figures...3-40 off 3 overs. Only Milne looked dangerous (and even he went for 35 off 4). Brathwaite probably regretted extending his stay at Kent (3 overs for 55!) It wasn't a good day in the field for Kent.

But towards the end of the Surrey innings the umbrellas were going up, and the covers came on as the 20th over was finished...and we waited, and waited. By 9pm, as more covers were brought on, the trickle of people leaving became a stream. I left at 9.25, and was surprised (but not too much) to find the roads just 2 or 3 miles away from the ground, were dry. So the Kent's supporters rain dance had clearly worked, and we escaped with a point despite having conceded the highest score Surrey have ever made, and the 3rd highest in domestic T20 history.

So, good luck for Kent, rotten luck for Surrey ( ), and especially bad luck for the excellent crowd. I was nice and dry upstairs in the pavilion, but I did see the majority getting wet, and long queues were reported for food & drink (though the ice cream hut seemed to have no-one waiting at all ). I imagine some visitors found the experience disappointing, and I can sympathise.

But I think two points need to be made:

1. With the ECB trying to undermine the T20 and the county structure, why would counties like Kent spend much money to cater for larger crowds they are unlikely to get often, if at all, in future?

2. If you want crowds, and queues, then go to Lords as I did for England vs India last Saturday: the crowds at the various 'pinch-points' round the ground are almost frightening, the queues in the 'Food Court' staggering and the prices...well, it was a lot cheaper at Canterbury! (I still love Lords... but it's far from perfect!)
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By TWrex
Rain comes to Surrey's rescue. :whistle: Most frustrating for them, only a couple of hours of dry weather would have done them. I was living in hope for last weekend that the weather would hold & felt lucky that it did as we celebrated my wife's 60th at Leeds Castle for the summer concert. We stayed overnight in the castle itself, wonderful. Now hoping for a return to the dry conditions for the Leicestershire match, a very well timed hint about Canterbury Cricket Week, a little after announcing the special birthday treat resulted in a suggestion to me going. Never mind Mike Brearley's tactical skills, a masterstroke.
I got caught up in one of those pinch-points at Lord's, very unorganised & uncomfortable, though nowhere as chaotic as the MCC v Afghanistan match last year.
The authorities must be very annoyed with the Blast which seems to rather undermining their new competition with good crowds & some exciting matches. How will it all turn out?
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By TWrex
Well that's Canterbury week over. Half measures all round, rain for the t20 matches & inept Kent batting for the championship. Half measures for making the week special too, not even a bit of colourful bunting to add a bit of cheer around the place. Still there was one very special moment last Sunday afternoon when the Red Arrows flew directly over the ground on their way to a display at the coast. A wonderful sight and some compensation for losing 2 days of cricket. Pity for those attending the t20 matches the rain didn't come on the blank Tuesday & Wednesday instead of the two Fridays. The coast got an air display, The St. Lawrence ground got flocks of gulls in exchange, it was quite amusing to see them strutting around the outfield pecking away, fluttering away serenely to another position if the ball or a fielder disturbed them. Attacking fields placed, well plenty of gullies anyway.
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By TWrex
A flying parasol, well that leaves the red arrow in the shade :evillaugh:
I don't go to 20/20, but if that sort of entertainment could be guaranteed could be tempted.
I thought I was seeing things but the subject is titled Kent v Surrey, 20th July 2019, that's what becomes of Dr. Who becoming a woman, & I have just received a reply to a post I made over a year ago in the Bar section. Or it could be the red moon causing all the confusion.
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By gmdf
I think the heat, or the lack of heat now, has been getting to me... :doh:

1. The title date error is all mine...; &
2. It was Sunday pm that the parasol flew onto the roof...If it had been yesterday the storm would probably have blown it half-way to Whitstable....
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By TWrex
I think we should call this quits, too much confusion in general. I'm only just back on track after a championship match started on a Sunday, add in the heat, one addle minded old fogey . But I do know it is Saturday today :drunk:
Sad to say I missed the flying parasol, a cheap alternative if you cant afford the Red Arrows for your air display.
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