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By TWrex
Nearly here and the weather set fair . Kent have to ponder over in selecting their side, the good thing being who to leave out rather who to bring in to make the numbers up. It is almost a tale of 3 Kent captains, Sam the named capt., Joe the super sub, & SNE the old boy. Nothing against him personally but hope SNE isn't the main story by leading the way against this old team. It would be most ironic should Kent win and then gain promotion with Hants. going down. Wouldn't wish that on someone who gave his all for the county, so am prepared to let Hants. stay up in Division 1. :yes:
Good luck to the team for Saturday & hopefully a day for all the Kent fans to celebrate 40 years since our last Cup Final win. There is a song there at this time of the football world cup, '40 years of hurt etc. etc.'
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By TWrex
A lot of those neutrals may have changed their minds when they heard the reception for SNE, it was pathetic and an embarrassment to Kent CCC. It said more about themselves than it did about SNE and I am pleased that Sam Billings condemned what happened. That put a blot on the day for me , it was naturally disappointing that the Spitfires lost , but I enjoyed myself on a lovely summer's day. So congratulations to Hampshire and shame on those unsporting enough to mar the occasion. It's just not cricket.
By Iron Mike
Booing players and cheering drops isn't sporting at all. I remember when Tom Maynard got (almost ) roundly booed at the Gardens when he returned with Surrey back in 2011...it was quite unedifying to witness to be honest.
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By gmdf
It's a!so counter productive to boo a player - he's likely to be even more determined to do well!
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