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By gmdf
Hasn't done much at Test level, but has a good first class record. Hopefully the first, but not the last, signing for this year.
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By TWrex
Now followed by an overseas player for the first half of the season & 2 signings for the t20, after the inactivity the finger has been well & truly pulled out. Second half of the championship still to be covered, I suppose the quality & expense of that one will depend on how we are placed in the table.
By madmickeyt
Nobody would dispute that the way things have gone for us these last few months has been far from ideal. Players/opportunities lost while we wait for some direction from the people at the top.

But we have got a few players in now, and it is time to go with what we have got and give it our best. That means players and supporters being enthusiastic and not being negative and wanting to moan every time we lose.

Bring it on, we will win a few and lose a few but COYK.
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