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My optimism didn’t last long.

I don’t see what he would see in us in relation to other counties likely to offer him a deal - Surrey and Warwickshire, who he has played for before, bound to be interested.

Unless we can offer him a big wedge...
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By chris
gmdf wrote:
Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:31 pm
chris wrote:
Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:23 pm
"I have a young family and a foreign wife"

What does the nationality of his wife have to do with it?
She lives & works in Australia, I've read.
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"I have a young family and a wife"
"I have a young family and an Australian wife"
"I have a young family and a foreign wife"
"I have a young family"

choices, choices?
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By TWrex
James Tredwell has included Morne in the best XI he has played with. That's right butter him up a bit & perhaps Alan Donald on the coaching staff might help. Morne played some 20/20 for us in 2007 which I have no memory of although he did well. It's Tredders birthday today same as Reg Simpson & Graham Pollock, away from cricket there is Rembrandt, Longfellow, Ellen Terry, John Steinbeck & Elizabeth Taylor. James may not have the artistry of that lot, but he has done Kent & England well. Not only that it is my birthday today too, James & me two of a kind, well at least in hair (or not) styles. :shifty:
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The clubs silence this close to the season....its getting a bit depressing! Seems like every time I look at BBC cricket site some other county is announcing the signing of someone I might have been thinking we could have done with...a Peter Siddle here, a Billy Stanslake there! Don't think anyone has snaffled Trent Bolt or Tim Southee (if they are even available) yet but my wish list beyond them & Morne Morkel starting to look fairly thin.
Surely the club must be concerned by the lack of fire power..or are we officially skint again?
For all the ground improvements etc that go on off the field, there has to come a time when a bit of ambition is shown on the field or surely our youngsters with serious hopes are going follow SNE out the door to Div 1 clubs?
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