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By kentclerk
A slightly curious signing IMO. Not of the very highest calibre, I don't think; and I thought the strike bowler gap we had had been filled by Harris. Seems they're both going to be available at the same time. If one was replacing the other I'd understand it a bit more.

Still, competition for places is no bad thing.

I do wonder if this is at least partly designed to be a warning to Coles. Continue misbehaving, and we will find a way round it if we dispense with him. It'll certainly be interesting to see who we drop from the attack for the Sussex game! I do wonder if that will be Coles given Claydon's wickets against Gloucs.
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By gmdf
My guess is that Coles, if fit, will get the nod against Sussex, but another below par performance will lead to him being rested in the next game. I felt he was the last effective bowler vs Gloucs, and it may be his injury/operation in pre-season means he isn't fully match fit.

As for Parnell- he adds variety being left arm which Kent haven't had since the (unremarkable) Bollinger. Certainly add him to Harris and you have a good opening attack...
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By madmickeyt
good (re)signing in my opinion. hope he does well.

would think he will be bowling alongside Coles, not instead of. It should ease our reliance on him, especially coming back from injury.
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By gmdf
In a filmed interview Parnell mentioned that he'll be with Kent for a "month".
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By TWrex
We now know why he was signed, to replace our injured loan bowler & rescue the batting to get us up to a reasonable score. My main reason for posting is to see how my newly selected avatar looks :yikes:
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By gmdf
Worrying news here about Parnell's absence after 4 overs yesterday:

https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/treg ... feab87aa84
Wayne Parnell, Kent’s South African fast bowler, will undergo heart tests at hospital today after experiencing tightness in his chest and an abnormally fast pulse, which forced him to leave the field after bowling four overs. He has a history of heart-related problems.
All Kent (& cricket, I'm sure) supporters will wish him well.
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By TWrex
Hopefully just a precaution for somebody with his medical history. I know how he may feel, if I get a bit chesty I am not completely relaxed until a proper cold/illness starts. Then I feel better through getting worse, a lot of it is all in the mind of course, but if you have had serious problems like I have had in the past cannot be helped. Of course better for Wayne to be checked out, rather than continue with the physical effort of fast bowling just in case.
By Kent Clerk
http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/ ... -contracts

So Parnell has not been awarded a central SA contract for 18-19, and is (from the wording of the report) "completely out of the picture".

Now must be a good time for us to ask him if he'd like to secure his and his family's future by offering a Kolpak deal. Yes, there is uncertainty about timing as apparently his Mrs is expecting their first child in the summer. But there is a gain over the longer term to be made on both sides.

Come on Kent, get it sorted...
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