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I know nothing of the internal workings of Gloucestershire but chances are they have little or no money to bring players in over the winter and little bargaining power over any of the better players. So in that respect we're unlikely to be picking up any stars over the winter. Can't see Jos Buttler joining us!

But if we do have any money what part of the squad should we be looking to strengthen?

Have we signed Tom Smith yet? Spin is definitely an area where we need to improve but whether Smith is a good 4 day player is up for debate. Better than the other options so an improvement in that respect - and given the lack of decent spinnerrs in county cricket possibly the best option available to us.

Possibly a decent senior fast bowler but that seems unlikely.

I guess going forward two players who are of vital importance are Will Gidman and Gareth Roderick. Gidman good enough basically to be a top 6 batsman and a front line bowler. Roderick a top order batsman and wicketkeeper.  It gives the team so many options. Be interesting to see if Roderick struggles next year after this first excellent year and whether he can continue physically batting at 3 and keeping. It sounded from the internet commentary/ecb higlights like he took some excellent catches but was also a little untidy at times.

Anybody have any thoughts about where we should be trying to improve for next year?
I expect you're aware now that Tom Smith has signed a 3 year contract so it looks likely he will be our main spin bowler for next season. I'm not sure how Jack Taylor is progressing with his action change as he was looking quite useful early on in the season before his ban. Judging by their performances this season Shrewsbury and Hammond aren't quite ready for the step up to the 1st team yet.

I see this morning Will Tavare (nephew of Chris) has been offered a one year deal after doing well in the 2nds and Bracewell describes him as the third opener with Klinger and Dent, so it looks as if there will be no further additions to the batting which to be fair has done well this season.

Bracewell was seeing if he could get Klinger qualified as a non overseas player via a Hungarian passport so he could look at getting an overseas fast bowler in, so it does look as if that may be the area he wants to strengthen. Klinger wanted to remain an Aussie and Bracewell was implying to get an English qualified fast bowler would be more expensive, so will have to see whether that happens or not. If only Saxelby could get and stay fit I don't think we'd be too badly off with him, Will Gidman and Miles and hope at least one from Payne, Norwell, Fuller, McCarter or Matt Taylor could provide good back up. Jon Lewis is free now, but I think taking him on at his age would be a step backwards. I wonder if Gemaal Hussain would consider coming back to us as he doesn't get much of a look in at Somerset.

I would imagine that after the signings of Smith and Tavare the only other addition may be an experienced front line bowler who is probably out of contract, but like you Bolivian have no idea of the finances available for new players, but doubt it is vast! Coughtrie and Muchall have been released, but the money saved there may well have already been used up on the new recruits plus improved contracts for the likes of Dent and Miles. 
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Have now seen that Gemaal Hussain has been released by Somerset so you never know. If he could recreate the form he showed in his one full season with us he'd be a very useful addition.
Shame after that season when he finally established himself in the county game he felt the need to go off to that bowlers graveyard in Taunton for Division 1 cricket instead of consolidating on his one good season. Perhaps a lesson for some of our current crop of young players if they need it - better to be a big fish in a small pool sometimes rather than going to a bigger pool and getting lost!
Sad to hear Gemaal has been released by Somerset. He was sadly very much ill advised to move from Glos. I would welcome him back as I suspect our coaches could resurrect his early form. We do need another quick/strike bowler badly; hopefully Ian Saxaby will be able to do the 'workhorse' opening stint. John Lewis returning would be a retrogressive step, but I can't see him doing that, let alone Glos wanting him back!
As for the season, very disappointing. The target was to return to League 1, or get very close - we didn't achieve that , even remotely, poor also in Pro40 and 20/20 [much worse]; who's taking the blame for this? In Footy the 'manager' would have gone, along with the 'back-room' staff - perhaps that's where we should be looking for change?
On the plus side, we have a very large pavilion that looks and feels like the bridge of a v large container ship and just as colourful inside; and the second or third best playing area in UK cricket grounds.
I was going to say it wasn't that bad a season and we probably deserved to finish 4th were it not for a couple of fluke results in the last week or so that only happened because there was nothing to play for.

But actually looking back at the results. We beat a terrible leicestershire twice, Hampshire once in a contrived game and Worcestershire which was a good win. We drew 2 games where we were 9 down in.

Although a lot of the batsmen had good seasons on the surface they did collapse a bit too much and against the better quality attacks struggled.

The bowling apart from WGidman is the bigger concern though. Fuller + Saxelby seem to be always injured which isn't great from your second and third best bowlers. Fuller's always seem to be niggles and Saxelby serious arm or back injuries. Miles is a good prospect but he let the pressure off too often and seemed to get more erratic as the season went on but at 18/19 that's what you'd expect. Payne seems rather stuck and hasn't progressed much. Howell isn't really a bowler we should be calling on much but conditions and the other bowler inconsistencies meant he's been one of the more reliable bowlers. Of the rest - well there might be one good bowler amongst them in the future but at present they don't warrant mentioning.

The bowling is very dependent on Gidman and when he's not playing the bowling lineup is almost certainly too inexperienced and just doesn't apply any kind of pressure on the opposition. In an ideal world at the start of next year you'd have

Klinger, Dent, Roderick, Gidman, Marshall, Howell, Gidman, Fuller, Saxelby, Miles, Smith

Which on paper would be one of the best teams in the division. But the chances of that are obscure and the bowling attack will be once again lacking quality. Really need Payne to start improving to give us a bit more depth to cover for injuries or an experienced seamer brought in.
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