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By JackRussell'sHat
I was listening in to online commentary on Friday when Tom Richardson was a brief guest as it was his last day there as Chief Executive. He mentioned that we had  Craig Miles on a new 4 year contract along with Chris Dent and James Fuller. Dent and Fuller have been reported in the press, but I'm not aware of anything official regarding Craig Miles yet, but obviously good news if true.
Then almost as he was leaving the commentary box he said something along the lines of contracts had been drawn up and were lined up ready for signing for other players and this was the last thing he was going to sort out before leaving. He went on to say that along with the possible recruitment of 1 or 2 experienced players things were looking good for next season. It sounded like he was almost being ushered out of the 'box' at this point and sadly the commentators didn't follow it up (and I was only half listening as I should have been doing other things) but it all sounded quite promising.
Did anyone else here this, or can clarify exactly what was said.

Finally thanks to Tom Richardson for all the hard work he put in, particularly over the difficult negotiations with ground development. Would be good to think that now that is going to plan player retention and building a strong squad would become more of a priority again.
By Woodsy19
I heard new Chief Exec Will Brown talking today. No mention of Craig Miles, but he did mention Hamish Marshall has signed for 2 years with more players lined up to  follow.
Among other things he mentioned trying to get more people and companies in Bristol to feel associated with Gloucestershire as most sponsorship comes from Cheltenham area.

Early days but liked his ideas and enthusiastic approach.
By JackRussell'sHat
Saw in the local press that Tom Smith won't be offered a new contract with Middlesex and that we are keen to sign him permanently and that Richard Coughtrie and Paul Muchall will be released. Not surprising but a shame for Coughtrie, but the emergence of Roderick and Herring ahead of him has pushed him down to 3rd choice.

As with the Miles and Marshall news though have seen nothing confirmed by the Club yet. Perhaps they are waiting until the season is over before making any official announcements.
By Woodsy19
And now the good news that Gareth Roderick has extended his contract until 2016. Well deserved after a great first season.
By Harlequin
Reflecting on the above statements; good news re extensions for the players mentioned; but believe Mish's is perhaps a year too long. No mention of Ed Young of whom 'we' had high hopes - is he still contracted for next year?
Also would like to say well done and good luck to Tom Richardson who has done an excellent job in his role of Chief exec; a hard act to follow. It was always good to see him work the 'crowds' during games at Bristol or Cheltenham - perhaps many of the Executive Committee could follow suit - at least they might be more aware of GCCC fans thoughts!
Interesting comment re sponsorship mainly from Glos/Cheltenham - so why did the Exec,. short-sightedly, continue to develop The County Ground at Bristol and not move to Glos/Chelt?
Interesting comment to on the other GCCC forum re Bracewell and his 'motivational skills' [lack of!].
By JackRussell'sHat
Well it has now been announced that Ed Young will leave Gloucestershire 'with the best wishes of everyone at the club'. I guess with the signing of Tom Smith and the anticipated development of the 2 young spinners his chances would have been limited.
Regarding the county ground being in Bristol and not Glos/Chelt is opening a whole can of worms. My feeling is that the ground is traditionally in the wrong place for various reasons. However, as it is there, developing the existing ground probably does make the most economic sense, even if I can never see big crowds attending for regular county cricket, with the county having to hope they make enough on the 1 ODI per season (plus Cheltenham) to keep going.
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