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By davee
How will it effect sport, many players in Soccer & rugby as well as Cricket are here under the KOLPAK regulations but when we leave the EU will those players now be subject to the standard regulations such as Work Permits & Visas etc?
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By gmdf
Re: Cricket's Kolpaks...I suspect no-one actually knows 100%, but a friend (who is a partner in a top London law form), said his best assessment is that any Kolpak players actually 'established' (e.g. playing in the UK or having signed a contract to do so this season) will be OK, but new players won't be able to choose to become Kolpaks in future.

There are also players with EU passports - I suspect (it's a guess) that those with Irish passports will always be able to play here, but those with (say) Dutch ones might have to establish a right to do be able to work here, and who knows how that will work out!

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